28 March, 2017

History Notes: 1857 Revolt For SSC CGL EXAM

General facts-
PM of England – Palmerston
Governor general – Lord Canning of India
Emperor of India – Bahadur Sah Jafar
Commander of Britishers –Campbell

A. Reason between 1757 – 1857
Wellesely – Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance
Dallousive – Doctrine of lapse
Revenue System- Exploitation of Peasents
Education  → Modernity → Analysis
Indian Industries → closed
Rural Industries → closed
Conversion into Christan
Social interference → Sati, Slave, widow remarriage Act.
Sepoy dissatisfaction

B. Immediate Cause
Use of rifle,  cartridges of this rifle were made from cow and pig fat.


Nature of Revolt

Lorentz & Seele  :  Sepoy movement
Reege               : Revolt against Christianity
Homes                : A war between cirilisation and anarchasim
Taylor                 : Hindu – Muslim conspiracy
Disraeli                 : National movement
R. C. majumdar : Neither first nor national and freedom struggle
V. D. Sawarkar : First war of Independence