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What's the hardest truth of life?

The 15 hardest truths of life : 9-5 corporate job never make you rich. Grass is always greener on the other side. Appreciate what you have. If you take people for granted, they might walk away from your life. Age doesn’t define maturtiy and intellect. Everyone you love is going to die one day. Everything ends. Youth, love, life, all ends, and that's what makes them valuable. We give our lives meaning. If you feel like life is meaningless, that's your fault. Life is a suffering caused by desires. Happiness is inversely proportional to expectations. Be it good or bad, things happen when you expect them the least. What you have materialistically, is not who you are. Time is the ultimate game changer so never be too arrogant in life. Falling in love is fate, but how you wait for someone defines how truly you love him/her. Health is more important than wealth. Nothing in life is permanent so we should enjoy every experience while it last. Also, the life is never fair, it will never


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WhatsApp Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT Beware, Your WhatsApp could hacked next! Here’s what’s happening- {thread} 1. You receive a call from the attacker who will convince you to make a call to the following number **67*<10 digit number> or *405*<10 digit number> 2. Within a few minutes, your WhatsApp would be logged out, and the attackers would get complete control of your account. 3. The number you have dialled is a service request for Jio and Airtel to do "call forwarding" when your number is busy/engaged 4. The attacker tricked you into call forwarding your calls to a number they own when you are busy. 5. Now in the backend, the attacker triggers the WhatsApp registration process for your number and chooses the option to send OTP via phone call. Since your phone is engaged- the OTP will go to the attacker's phone, and GAME OVER. The same trick can be used to hack anyone's WhatsApp account if the attacker has physical access to your phone and has permission to make

Why is Dolo 650 the most preferred tablet of all?

If you believed the pandemic was finally over, you were mistaken, It has reared its ugly head by releasing Omicron, a new variant. Dolo 650 is now India’s favoured paracetamol brand, with sales of Rs 567 crore since March 2020. It’s even trending on social media and is the subject of memes. Since COVID-19 cases have been on the rise, demand for the drug Dolo 650 has been high. As India grapples with the third wave of Covid, Dolo 650, which has clocked sales of Rs 5.7 billion during the pandemic since March 2020 and topped the charts of paracetamol pill, has been dubbed a "favourite snack." Fever, one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, has pushed sales of this oval-shaped white pill to treble in the last two years, despite the fact that paracetamol pills are the most commonly used cold and fever treatments. What Made Dolo Popular????? The first reason shared by doctors, brand experts and industry veterans is it’s short and crisp brand name. It’s simpler than other brands

Why was the song "Oye Oye" from the movie Tridev banned in public in India?

It is hard to believe but this is a fact, though the ban was not official. The song was an instant hit which gave a chance to Naseerudin Shah to dance like other bollywood heroes and the actress Sonam was popular overnight. Actually the song was a rage. The “Oye Oye” tagline was used by eve teasers to harass girls and therefore it was banned in public. However the song was played in parties and functions. Would like to share a personal experience. During that time I was attending a family wedding in Ajmer (Rajasthan). During the night police rounds used to be a normal thing and so was shouting, “Oye Oye”. There was an article published in a daily which stated that if anyone is caught shouting the same would be fined. The song was composed by Kalyanji - Anandji with special music arrangements by Viju Shah. So, even if it is hard to believe that such an official ban can exist, you cannot deny the fact that some restrictions were implied due to the craze of the song. Source: Punkaaj Sharm

Why do all south going Rajdhani Express departs from Nizamuddin instead of the new Delhi railway station?

In Delhi, there are 5 main railway stations. They are :- New Delhi (NDLS). Old Delhi Junction (DLI). Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE). Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM). Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT). All these 5 main railway stations in Delhi are made as per the routes for different cities in India like trains halting, originating and terminating at New Delhi railway goes to every routes of Indian Railways i.e. Kanpur, Jhansi, Kota, Jaipur, Ludhiana etc. Similarly, trains originating and terminating at Anand Vihar Terminal goes towards North East side and eastern part of India via Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Trains going towards Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Bikaner etc goes from Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station and trains going towards Central India and Southern India cities like Bhopal, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai etc goes from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. Hence, in this way the train travel routes are made for different cities. In Indian Railways, there are currently 2

LeadOff - A new way to invest in unlisted securities

Hello! I’ve been investing in private equity using Leadoff, India’s go-to private equity investment platform. Some outstanding features: •Get started in just 3 steps •Industry-best entry ticket size of around ₹10,000 Here’s an exclusive access link — Gau₹av Ha₹it ™ 🇮🇳😉🙈🙉🙊 📉📈 (@gaurav_harit) April 22, 2022 I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :) Follow @gaurav_harit

How to reach catamorph system C-55/2 okhla Exam centre

Hello Friends Today I will tell you how to reach catamorph system C-55/2 okhla exam centre. So lets start:  The Nearest metro station is Harkeshnagar Metro station so you have clear idea now where to reach first by metro. It's very convenient to reach by metro than bus because availability of bus and time taken by them is unpredictable.  So this is a sample route from my place mayur vihar phase 1 to harkesh nagar okhla  metro station which is on violet line. So you have to pick violet metro line to reach Harkesh nagar metro.  After reaching the final metro station,  then there will be e-rickshaw standing to pick you to catamorph exam centre who will take fare of Rs 10/- I hope you have understood the route now.  Take care Best of luck for exam ✌✌

जीवन ने आपको कौन से सबक सिखाए है?

1. आपकी सफलता से आपके परिवार के अलावा कोई भी खुश नहीं है। 2. प्यार एक मिथक है। बिना वजह कोई आपका दोस्त नहीं है। 3. बिना किसी अपेक्षा के आपसे प्यार करने वाले केवल आपके माता-पिता हैं। 4. आपके जीवन में हर किसी की एक भूमिका होती है और जब उनकी भूमिका समाप्त हो जाती है, तो वे आपको छोड़ देंगे। तो मजबूत बनो। 5. पैसे का हर किसी के जीवन में एक मजबूत स्थान होता है, लेकिन दुर्भाग्य से, यह आपको सब कुछ नहीं खरीद सकता। 6. सबके साथ हंसें, लेकिन किसी पर भरोसा न करें। 7. लोग कहते हैं सच बोलो लेकिन हकीकत में कोई सुनना नहीं चाहता। 8. आप जो सोचते हैं या जो करते हैं उसके बारे में कोई भी बकवास नहीं करता है, यह केवल आपका दृष्टिकोण है कि वे आपके बारे में सोचते हैं। 9. उम्मीद हमेशा दर्द देती है। इसलिए दूसरों से अपेक्षा कम या ना की अपेक्षा करें। 10. कभी भी अपनी खुशियों को किसी और के लिए बलिदान न करें। 11. आप जितने कम लोगों के साथ चिल करेंगे, आप उतने ही कम बकवास करेंगे। 12. सादा जीवन जीने से आपको महत्वपूर्ण चीजों के लिए अधिक समय मिलता है। 13. जितनी जल्दी आप अकेले रहना सीख जाते हैं, उतनी ही जल्दी आप जीवन का अर्थ स

How do I rebuild myself and build a strong fearless character?

If you didn’t work hard for yourself today , you’ll soon be working hard for someone else , Who’ll you be on the most stressful day of your life ? You’ll only have the mind you built for yourself . Keep checking in with yourself, You don’t want to be like most of your friends. Look at them, obsessed over a single woman who barely even gives them the time of the day . Pathetic ! Rise above them , Allowing yourself to be human is the most basic thing ever . There’s freedom in that space , Remember to connect with people now & then . In fact, pick up the phone, right now , & call a friend for no other reason than to say ”Hello “ . That’s great. Your network , like all living beings, needs to be fed in order for it to keep existing , Ask yourself “ how do I feel right now” . It’ll give you a chance to get out of your head & embrace the present . Embrace mindfulness as a way of living, Staying committed to healthy daily habits is like writing a series of love letters

अपनी वैल्यू बढ़ाने के कुछ टिप्स कौन सी हैं?

1. अपने इमोशंस पर कंट्रोल करें और एकदम से हंसना छोड़ दें। 2. सीधे और कंधे पीछे कर कर चले और लोगों की आंखों में आंखें डाल कर देखना सीखे। 3. हर दिन वो काम करें जिससे आप डरते हैं हर दिन वह काम करें जो लोग नहीं करते। 4. यदि आपको कुछ समझ नहीं आया तो अपनी शर्म को हटाए और दोबारा पूछ ले। 5. अगर आप कहते हैं कि मैं यह काम कर सकता हूं तो इसे पूरा करें 6. अपनी नजरों में ऊपर उठने की कोशिश करें दूसरों की नजरों में तो आप खुद ब खुद ऊपर उठ जाएंगे। Source: Sumit Gautam

How do you know if someone is mature or not?

Maturity is not when we start speaking big things. It is when we start understanding small things. Here are some traits of a mature person. You focus on the positive in life, by choice. You’re okay with being alone. You don’t seek what you want, you create it. Your career matters to you. Your happiness does not depend on others but your inner self. Materialistic things make you smile, but they do not define what happiness means. You keep a mind open to everything and attached to nothing. You sometimes prefer to be silent than to be a part of a nonsensical fight. You are cool-minded, not short-tempered. You don’t do things just to please others. Source: Mukul Chauhan

बुद्धिमान इंसान के लक्षण क्या होते हैं?

बुद्धिमान लोगों के दोस्त बहुत कम होते है। "मैं सही और तुम ग़लत", ऐसी फिजुल की बातों में ये अपना वक्त बर्बाद नहीं करते। "तुम सही हो",ऐसा कहकर आगे निकल जाते है। ज़्यादातर लोग बुद्धिमान लोगो को पागल कहते है, लेकिन इससे इन लोगों को फर्क नहीं पड़ता। बुद्धिमान लोग बहुत बार हारते हैं लेकिन रोते नहीं हैं, देखा जाए तो बुद्धिमान लोग बहुत बार जितते भी है लेकिन उसके बारे में किसीसे कहते नहीं है। ये लोग नकारात्मकता में भी सकारात्मकता ढुंढ सकते है। बुद्धिमान लोगों की बहुत सी बाते गुप्त(सिक्रेट) होती है। ये लोग बहुत बड़ी मुश्किलों का सामना कर सकते हैं। जैसे कि, किसी नजदीकी रिश्तेदार/व्यक्ती कि मृत्यु, तलाक़ इत्यादि। खुद कि पढ़ाई/नौकरी और परिवार इन बातों को बुध्दिमान लोग सबसे ज्यादा महत्व देते हैं। ये लोग सोशल मीडिया पर खुद की वाह-वाह नहीं करते है। इन लोगों का पेहनावा बहुत सीधा-साधा होता है। अगर कोई इनको तकलीफ देता है तो ये लोग झगड़ा नहीं करते और ना ही बदला लेने के लिए पीछे भागते है। इनके चेहरे पर हमेशा एक छोटी-सी मुस्कान होती है। कैसी भी हालातों में जिन लोगों के दिलों में खुशी होत

What should I do to improve my personality?

Your conduct must be calm. Too much frenzy, excitement or aggression makes you a people repellent. Be light, be calm, smile and take tough decisions. Never push yourself on people, don't do over to impress them; this acts against you. If someone doesn't wish to be impressed, this won't work at all. Be nice, be humble, be what you are and let people decide. Some would like you; some won't. Don't expect everyone to love you. One who doesn't care much about other people’s judgement about them stays free of the pressure of standing up to people's expectations. They walk on the chosen path with pride and respect themselves irrespective of achievements or failures. No high ego, no inferiority complex. Such people have a strong personality. Value your words; it's not that you have been given the power to speak so you can say countless meaningless words each day. Respect what you say, and consider it a verbal contract or commitment. Be right, and don

What are 20 things that are not worth it?

1. Chasing Girls. It might seem pleasurable during your teens and early 20s but trust me, you'll regret later. 2. Smoking. It only brings a temporary pleasure but the ill-effects will hurt you in the long run. 3. Drinking. Alcohol is known to destroy lives and families. The temporary pleasure it gives is not worth the pain it gives later on. 4. Doing Drugs. The fact that this is illegal is reason enough that one shouldn't do it. These take a toll on your body in the long run and destroys you. 5. Putting those extra hours in office. No person on their death bed has wished to have spent more time at office. Spend more time with your friends and family. 6. Being in a toxic relationship. There's no point in dragging a relationship where the other person hardly puts any effort. Save your time, efforts, dignity and walk away. 7. Worrying about things not under your control. Why worry about things that you cannot control in life? Will your worrying solve the problem? If its under

जल्दी जागने के कई फायदे हैं लेकिन क्या जल्दी उठने से कोई नुकसान है?

आमतौर पर ऐसा माना जाता है कि हमारी आधी परेशानी जल्दी उठने से ही खतम हो जाती हैं। बड़े बड़े और प्रसिद्ध विद्वान लोग सुबह जल्दी उठते हैं इसीलिए हमें भी जल्दी उठना चाहिए। सुबह जल्दि उठना अच्छा होता हैं लेकिन सुबह जल्दि उठना जरूरी या अनिवार्य नहीं हैं। जल्दि उठना उनके लिए सही हैं जो रातको जल्दि सो जाते हैं। जो लोग देर रात तक जागते हैं और जल्दि उठते हैं उनके स्वास्थ्य पर इस चीज़ का गलत असर पड़ता हैं। पर्याप्त मात्रा मैं नींद न लेने से हमारा स्वास्थ्य गड़बड़ा जाता हैं और दिनभर हमारे मन मैं चिड़चिड़ापन रहता हैं। अगर आप देर रात तक काम करते है तो आपके लिए सुबह जल्दि उठना जरूरी नहीं हैं। सुबह कि सैर शाम के इवनिंग वॉक मैं बदल सकती हैं। सुबह कि जगह शाम को भी जिम मैं पसीना बहाया जा सकता है और शाम को भी योगा कि जा सकती हैं। सुबह जल्दी उठना सफलता कि गारंटी नहीं देता लेकिन नींद पूरी न होने से स्वास्थ्य के बिगड़ने कि गारंटी जरूर होती हैं। Source:  Sourav Joshi

10 साधारण सी आदतें क्या हैं जो जीवन को बदल सकती हैं?

चुप रहना। ऊपर वाले ने दो कान दियें है उसका इस्तेमाल करना। लोगो की बकवास बातो को एक कान से सुनकर दूसरे से निकाल देना। अपने पास ब्रेन है और ब्रेन में कई भाग है, जिसमे आप तरह तरह के बातो को हर जगह जमा कर सकते है तो लोगो की अच्छी बातों को इकट्ठा किजिये और बाकी बातो पे मिट्टी डालिये। लोग कितना ही कियु न कहे के आप ये है ऐसे है वैसे है बिगड़ गए है आपमें सलीका नही है इन सब बातों पर भी मिट्टी डालिये और अपनी ज़िंदगी बिल्कुल एक आज़ाद बच्चे की तरह गुज़रिये, जिसे किसी चीज़ की फिक्र नही होती न कल की और न होने वाले हादसों की। अपने सिवा दुसरो पर भी नज़र रखिये खासकर अपने माता पिता पर कियुकि इंसान कि ज़िन्दगी में एक बार नुक्स लग जाए तो फिर डॉक्टर का चक्कर आम हो जाता है। और माता पिता एक ही बार मिलते है। अपने सकुन और खुशियो को दूसरों में नही ढूंढिए बलके खुश रह कर ज़िन्दगी गुज़रिये कियुकि खाने में नमक हो तो नामक की कमि महसूस नही होती और न हो तो खाना बहोत बदमजा लगता है उसी तरह से सच अगर आपके तारीफ में हो तो बुरा नही लगता और अगर आपके खिलाफ हो तो बहोत कड़वा लगता है। कभी कभी अपने दिमाग़ को सकुन दीजये आस पास ह

मध्यम वर्ग के लोगों के लिए कुछ वित्तीय सुझाव क्या हैं?

बच्चा एक ही रखें। अगर किराए के घर पर है तो ऑफिस के पास घर लें। न केवल आने जाने का खर्चा बल्कि आपका समय भी बचेगा। इनकम टैक्स कम करने के लिए जो भी सही उपाय हैं उन्हें अपनाइए लेकिन गलत दस्तावेज न लगाए। सेहत का ध्यान रखिये। जरूरी नहीं हर बीमारी के इलाज के लिए आप महंगे हॉस्पिटल में जाए किसी अच्छे पर सस्ते चिकित्सालय में भी इलाज करा सकते है। एक 6 महीने की तन्ख्याह बराबर इमरजेंसी फण्ड बैंक में रखें। अगर कभी नौकरी पर गाज गिरी तो? पति पत्नी दोनों कमाए तो अच्छा है। बचत तो करें पर जायज़ माँगो को मार कर नहीं। बच्चे की शिक्षा पर समझौता न करें। एक तरह की इन्वेस्टमेंट ही समझ लें। कपड़े वगैरह की खरीदारी किसी फैक्ट्री आउटलेट से करें उसके लिए चाहें कुछ 30–40 किलोमीटर बस पर ही क्यों न जाना पड़े। क्रेडिट कार्ड रखें और इस्तेमाल भी करें लेकिन समय पर भुगतान करना न भूलें। उधार न दें न लें। कही यात्रा करनी हो तो पहले से ही योजना बना कर सस्ती टिकट व सस्ता लेकिन अच्छा होटल बुक कर के रखें। मैं मासिक बजट में विश्वास नहीं रखता। लेकिन अगर आपके पास समय है तो एक बजट बना लें। अच्छा काम करें ताकि नौकरी और आय मे

What are the behaviors of a confident person?

Confident persons never bow their eyes down while talking to someone. They are not afraid to tell the truth, even if it is bitter. They are engaged in imrpove themselves rather than being in a hurry to answer others. They trusts in action more than talking. They are firm in their promises. They never hesitates while asking questions to anyone. They are focused on their goals. They manages themselves when any obstacle comes. They never stop Learning. They are very cautious. And the biggest thing is that they live a balance life. Source: Rajesh Ubale

What golden advice did you learn in your life?

People will only treat you well if you are doing good in life. Birds of the same feathers flock together- do not flock with shitty birds. Feeling uncomfortable around someone means that you guys do not vibe. Don’t force the relationship. Do not waste your time trying to change someone. They won’t change. Never stick to one thing, thinking that it will 100% work out. Always have a plan B, C, D, and E. No one cares about you more than yourself. So yes, you are overthinking. Your haters are always below you. Don’t bother looking down. Don’t call everyone your friends or you’ll find yourself in a lot of disappointment. People are always jealous or feel some way towards your newfound success. Keep it a secret. Toxic people are not aware they are toxic. That’s why they are toxic. Don’t bother to let them know that they’re toxic and move on to better people. Everyone has preferences. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t let one person mess up your self-esteem because they

What is the best mindset to have before going into a relationship?

1.Be willing to walk away from it. Many people pull themselves into relationships and waste a lot of time in them because they're simply afraid to be alone. 2. As the relationship gets on, open up more and enforce clear communication. 3. Focus on pointing out their negative points and ask yourself, "Can I deal with this?" People might not change, but your coping ability can. 4. Forget The Past If you've been burned in past relationships, it's important not to compare your current partner to your past partners. It's not fair to you or to them. 5. He could be an amazing person, but that doesn't mean he is amazing for you. This is amazing advice that I received from my mom after my first heartbreak. While he could be an all-around "great guy," that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best guy for you. 6. Don't expect your significant other to change for you It’s not fair to push your partner to be different. People have to chan

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