What is the harsh truth of life?

Don't they look adorable ❤️

Yuzi is getting married to Dhanashree Verma.

Wishes poured in soon after Chahal shared happy photos from the occassion.

But some people were not happy with it and tried to take out their frustration in comments section.

Even if you are the most perfect human being, some people will always have a problem with you.

They cannot stand if you are happy.

They will become restless, if something good happens in your life.

They will try to defame you, make fun of you.

They will try every possible mean to make you unhappy.

Remember that:

  • A rich person can give you money.
  • A poor his blessings.
  • A knowledgeable person, his knowledge
  • And, a miserable person his misery.

Everyone gives what they have and it's totally up to you what you want!

And for the trolls, you being the bigger person, what can you give?

Zero fucks.

Shubham (Quora)