09 July, 2013

Are Comedy shows the places to serve vulgarity ?

Before i start writing on this,i would like to confess that i am big fan of comedy and enjoys comedy scenes at the most as any one can do.

But friends i like comedy not vulgarity which are popular in some of the comedy shows like Comedy Circus,Nautanki,Comedy nights with Kapil etc.These comedy shows are getting worthy TRP with the contribution of double meaning,vulgar jokes.Some of the jokes are even vulgars that it feels very guilty to see it with family but their hosts were laughing on that jokes very loudly and fearlessly as they have no children or elders in their families.Even some of the comedians like Kapil Sharma,Krishna,Sudesh always try to do some double meaning comedy to get that comedy circus trophy.Sudesh and Krishna of comedy circus become famous due to their vulgar jokes,abusing,non sense fighting and some of the very creepy acts on which they get stand up honor by judges.

I really don't understand the criteria of judging their comic talent by their inappropriate worthless comedy.Even some of the brilliant actors like Sharrukh khan,Ranbeer kapoor also do some serious vulgarity in the award ceremonies.But friends its looking like a real threat to our culture also because our new generation are watching these vulgarity with lot of laughs.

We can see the example of one of the brilliant comedian Jaspal Bhatti who always known for his satire full jokes on the some of threating problems in India.He performed on various shows like "Flop Show" show in the early 1990s is remembered even today. His wife Savita Bhatti produced the show and acted in all the episodes as his wife. Only 10 episodes were ever produced, but the show has had a long and powerful legacy and is well remembered. Bhatti's subsequently acted and directed the popular TV series "Ulta Pulta" and "Nonsense Private Limited" for the Doordarshan network.What attracted audience to his shows was his gift of inducing humour to highlight everyday issues of the middle class in India. Jaspal Bhatti's satire on the Punjab police "Mahaul Theek Hai"(1999) was his first directorial venture for a full-length feature film in his native Punjabi language.It was well received amongst audience for its simple and honest humour.He played the role of Jolly Good Singh, a guard, in the movie "Fanaa". He played a comical college principal in "Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe". He also starred in the comedy Punjabi film "Jijaji".
Bhatti was known for floating his political parties during elections to highlight the problems faced by the general public.
In 1995, he floated the 'Hawala Party' delighting passers by with his original poker faced takeoff on growing political corruption in the country which was already a hotly discussed topic in the context of the Jain-Hawala Diaries.
In 2002, Bhatti announced that he is starting the "Suitcase Party" & released his manifesto alloting 5 seats to his family & more seats to be decided based on the suitcase size of the prospective candidates.
In 2009, the comedian announced that he is floating the "Recession Party" & Bhajna Amli, alias Gurdev Dhillon, as his party's face from the LudhianaIn his trademark satirical style, he kept his party's symbol as opium, drugs and alcohol for which he claimed that there will be no shortage of supply if his party is voted to power.
Friends these are the qualities of a brilliant comedian who can free your mind from tensions, not increase your tensions.I hope you are gonna like my view as a common man about this vulgur comedy.

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