15 July, 2013

How to make your blog or website popular ?

When i started blogging ,i never feel that it will become one of my interest but in starting i just got frustrated because i was just posting and posting but no body was reading or opening my site.
Today i will tell you to enhance your blog/website online presence.

Friends for becoming a perfect blog writer, you have to adopt a perfect nature i.e.,patience.

Yes friends,patience is that time when your blog will become popular,when your thoughts,tricks will be in front of your audience without telling anyone forcefully to hear,even your thoughts will remain in this world for ever,even after your death, your words will not be silent.
When i created my blog i really just follow these tricks:

1.Submission to search engine: I submitted my blog to submitexpress and this site really submit my site to various search engines like google,yahoo,bing,aol,lycos,jayde etc.You have to varify the submission links via your email.

2.Sharing on social networks: Whenever i post my view , i always share it with leading social networking sites like facebook,twitter,google+ where most of the people and brand are present.You can also share it with more than these social networking sites.

3.Take a review of your trusted people: You should always take a review of your known and trusted people who will give their feedbacks about your blog whether it is positive or negative.You should take positive as a compliment and negative as a another way to do better for your blog and please don't give up ever.

4.Join various blogger community like indiblogger,blogster etc. as i have joined it.You can also join more blogger communities.

5.Comment on various blogs/websites about their topics and give your url link to that site.

6.Get an alexa rank widget for your blog by which you can analyse how much effort you have to apply for popularising your blog/website.

7.You can also make a fan page on facebook to allow to like your page.

8.You can also take review of your site at yahoo answers also.

9.You can also create your sitemap and submit it to google,bing by webmaster tools.

Friends,these were my fundaas by which i made my blog noticible without expanding any money.You can also do it but keep patience and keep blogging.
I hope it will help :)
Good luck

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