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Is enterance of Sunny leone becoming life line of other girls in bollywood

We all know Sunny Leone, the former adult star,now a bollywood actress.

 Before joining the Bollywood,Leone was quite popular in the adult industry where she had to do some repeated steps for some time with lot of noise and power.When she got a chance in celebrity based show Big Boss,anchored by Salman Khan then it was assumed to be a publicity stunt by the colors Tv channel to bring the highest TRP among other reality TV shows.

.The formula also really worked as Sunny leone entrance brought a large of audience to the show.In between the shooting of Big Boss,a famous director came to the show and he offered his new film to Sunny Leone to play a lead role.After that Sunny Leone did that movie but it can't get enough success on the box office.But film got a lot of initial response from the Indian audience as it was the first film they have seen in their lives where the actress had adult industry background.So they first come to the theatres with the mindset of watching a typically bold and erotic movie but the story line of film couldn't allow that much eroticism,so thats the main reason i guess for unsuccessful Jism-2.Secondly the voice of sunny leone was also dubbed so people couldn't connect with Sunny.After that Leone was seen in the item song of action thriller movie "Shootout at Wadala" doing "Laila teri le legi",the song became quite popular in the music charts.
So after watching this type of stuff,now other girls that were always used to come in lime light like Poonam Pandey,Sherlyne Chopra,Rakhi Sawant,Veena malik etc are also getting movies.Recently Poonam Pandey was working in the movie "Nasha" and Sherlyne was doing "Kaamsutra-3D" which have a quite bold and erotic storyline.

Even Poonam pandey who refused to come nude outside after winning ICC world cup 2011 by india (earlier she promised to do that) is coming totally nude for his upcoming film posters and friends we also knew why kaamsutra is famous for.So no introduction about Kaamsutra 3D. After talking about all these topics,we came to conclusion that these actresses are just glamour part of their movies as directors know that adult based theme will suite to these type of actresses in which some of these totally admit to these kind of movies.So it is simply looking that leone entrance in the Bollywood bring some work to these girls as they can say that if Leone can do it so why we can't in the industry.

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  1. GramSave Karenjit Kaur Vohra, an Indian-American actress and model, was born in Canada. She was very popular and successful in this field.


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