22 July, 2013

Kapil separation from comedy circus is good or bad

We all know Kapil Sharma (born on 18 April 1981) is an Indian stand-up comedian and actor. He was the winner of the stand-up comedy reality series,"The Great Indian Laughter Challenge "(Season 3) on STAR One,where he received huge acclaim for his stand-up comedy characters,Lala Roshan Lal and Shamsher Singh (the Punjab Police cop).
In 2010, he won the Comedy Circus's 2010 version,"Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars" and "Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo". In 2011, he won "Jubilee Comedy Circus" in a tie with Krushna Abhishek-Rajiv Nigam,"Comedy Circus Ke Taansen" and "Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur".In 2012,he won "Kahani Comedy Circus Ki" in a tie with Krushna Abhishek-Sudesh Lehri on Sony Entertainment Television,partnering with Parvati Singhal, Shikha Singh, Ali Asgar,Shweta Tiwari,Sumona Chakravarti and others.
But friend thats an intro about Kapil Sharma which can be easily found on the wikipedia the main motive about this whole journey is that,in most of cases Kapil Sharma has got fame by the show Comedy Circus where he consistently won many trophies of comedy circus.
And friends thats also a true that in today's date,Kapil Sharma is now separated from Comedy circus because now Kapil has opened his own production house i.e., K9productions  which has introduced a new comedy show "Comedy Nights With Kapil" starring Kapil Sharma,Ali Asgar,Upasana singh,Sumona chakrobarti,Sunil etc on Colors Tv channel.The show has got a wonderful TRP and pretend to be a superhit show on the Television.In the mid of show ,the bollywood celebrities come to the show which is also responsible for gaining a wonderful TRP.Navjot Singh Siddhu has always been charming judge of the show ,looking far better than Archana Pooran Singh of comedy circus.Siddhu Ji always do the entertainment of audience by his lovable on the spot shayaries.
I would like to say its a great move by Kapil Sharma by taking some action to move forward in the life because he is not that talent who should be judged by Archana Pooran Singh.He is now the comedy king of television industry.By opening his own production house is not a bad move because he knows he has talent,now he is getting his real worth.So i would like to wish Kapil Sharma a better future.


  1. I don't know whether it is good or bad, but it is always such a pleasure to watch Kapil Sharma on TV. I must say he is one of the leading and finest comedian in India.

    1. Yes Ruhi :)
      Its always a pleasure to watch one of the best comedian live.