25 July, 2013

Why Google adsense is the best than other advertising network ?

Today I want to discuss about google adsense service provided by Google for website/blog owners.This service is provided to web publishers to monetize their web content and place ads according to the content and earn revenue by impression and clicks.
Google provides title related ads on the webpage which is quite helpful for the visitors because it sometimes provide a direct link and they do not require a google search.Google adsense's tracking system is also of very high quality and in most of cases,it will always remain up to date.
Friends,before applying for google adsense,i have applied for various money earning advertising,affiliate networks like amazon,linkshare,chitika,kontera,clicksor,clixsense, etc.But out of all these i have not get aggregate money in 6 months that google adsense provided me in just 2 clicks within 10 days.
In my opinion google adsense is the best service for web publisher on this globe that i have ever seen out of all these low price advertising network i have mentioned earlier.I can only show 3 ads per page but my satisfaction is 10/10.As i am new publisher of google adsense of my blog,i am really  satisfied with the helpful work of google adsense team.
Some of the reasons by which i am saying google adsense is the best are:
1.If you have relevant content,google adsense will approve your application and provide you full help for further work in your website/blog.
2.They will provide 4 emails regarding the best use of adsense which will help you in future.
3.They will provide relevant ads according to the content of the webpage.Thats why they are called adsense means ads with total sense.
4.The ads are totally friendly with your mobile site and showed with relevant ads.
5.They provide more revenue share (more than 50%) to the publishers,thats why i love them.
6.They are totally loyal to the publishers.
7.They provide you monetization for website/video/search/apps with single google adsense account,thats really reduce the confusion of having many accounts.
So these are qualities of google adsense that make them the best,reliable,efficient,publisher friendly.I am not fake talking about google adsense,you can also read other customer's experience.Google adsense is the best because they are doing the work for publishers and giving more revenue to the publishers.I am totally satisfied with google adsense that i can fill 20-30 pages by only writing "East or west ,Google Adsense is the best :) "

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