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B.J.P looking more social in this election for promoting its party

Hello friends,

In these election season,B.J.P. (Bhartiya Janata Party) is looking more social to promote their election campagne.
They are using all well known social platforms like facebook,Twitter and Google adsense approved websites.
Even you can see their ads at some instance on my webpage also.
B.J.P. is lead by Narendra Modi who is socially active at twitter.The use of internet is a new way to promote election party which is very important for online users to make them aware about party manifesto.
This is a huge change in the history of indian elections because on internet,You are 24*7 present in front of audience.
I think other parties should also use this tricks and just use google adwords for this purpose.

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Sometimes, Saying “ I don’t know” is a smart strategy, Realize that your actions have consequences , Build a legit wardrobe for the first time in your life. An ideal men’s wardrobe is lean , versatile, functional & makes you look stylish & generates confidence for any occasion, Isolate yourself at times from everything but never from yourself . Ignoring reality won’t make them go away, Don’t read success stories , you’ll only get messages. Read failure stories, you’ll get some ideas to get success, Don’t measure life in terms of money, measure in terms of freedom, Set an intention to bring positive energy to everything you do , No excuses for weakness please ! Your excuses will escort you to the grave, To protect your sanity, get selfish with your energy. Stop giving it to arguments on the internet, Remember, 99% of your biggest worries will never come to you, Just Chill.!! Source:  Mukul Royy

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