13 December, 2013

A new twist in the Delhi Elections 2013

Hello friends,

Today i want to express my views on the Delhi legislative assembly elections 2013.In this election, the whole scenario of Delhi politics has been changed as big fishes are defeated in this election.

The chief minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit has given her resign letter and now she is no more the CM of Delhi.The former chief minister was ruling in Delhi from almost 15 years but this time public has refused her as chief minister and also she couldn't manage to save her New delhi's seat also.

The main reason of big loss of congress in Delhi was corruption,price hike,Narendra modi factor (BJP),introduction of new party AAM AADMI PARTY led by Arvind Kejriwal. 

These all factors just changed the mindset of public as it give some new options to Delhi public.Now they are not rely only on Congress or BJP but there is also a party that they can choose.

The main motto of AAP is the corruption less government,passing of lokpal bill,further development of Delhi,price hike suppression etc.
But there is also fact that if public has shown their confidence on AAP then they have to justify it for next five years also as there is still no complete opportunity for any party to make a government in Delhi.If they also do the same things as congress and BJP were doing they will be no longer present in politics of Delhi.
But AAP should follow their motto and act as active opponent in Delhi.

As kejriwal is CM of Delhi so one thing is more clear-
Sheila Dikshit was CM but now a common person and Kejriwal was common person but now CM of Delhi

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