Will Advertise.com be a new hit in cyber world

Hello friends,

Today i wanna talk about new google adsense alternative i.e Advertise.com which is now very busy in advertising its name on every google adsense approved website.

It is again having both advertisers and publishers which will serve ads for each other benefits and do the same function as Google adwords and Google adsense were doing.

But what it is providing different,that is the point.
According to WHY US page of website , they are providing almost same features as every one were providing but there is Remarketing  link where they have written:

Bring Your Lost Visitors Back to Convert! 

You've done the hardest part—getting visitors to thier site. But not all visitors convert on the first visit. Now what?

Their Remarketing technology tracks the visitors that have previously visited your site,and then serves your ad to them while they are browsing other sites within our network—covering 80% of the most trafficked sites on the web!


Advertise.com Remarketing Benefits

  • Bring warm visitors back to your site to convert with daily brand exposure
  • Boost conversion by 300-400% with customized messaging
  • Reach more people with our multi-network reach
  • No set-up costs
  • Fully managed by a dedicated account representative
  • In-house design team available
  • Pay only for performance: our Cost Per Action (CPA) Remarketing eliminates the risk and only costs you when the user converts
  • CPC and CPM billing options also available.
These points can be very useful for some of the advertisers but we can just say that its a another rival of Google ad network and other also because it can provide a new hope in the minds of website owners for their profits/benefits.
So do join Advertise.com 

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