A simple theory of Politics in India

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After long time i have some time for our Politics :P .

From past two months in India everybody is watching the drama of Indian politics. Everyone is claiming that they are the best in the World.

Even i am very much appreciating Congress because they have guts to promote themselves after so much of corruption & scams in previous 10 years. Their promotions show that there are shameless people still existing in the world.
Second big party is BJP who is totally dependent on Narendra Modi and even they are begging for votes for various unknown candidates in name of NAMO ,for example-" Bhaiyya agar congress se chutkara pana hai to vote sirf narendra modi ko hi dena".But i think BJP will get votes for bad deeds of Congress.

Some other political parties like AAP,BSP and third front in the country just want to explore in the country due to past bad deeds of Congress and BJP in the upcoing elections.

Even AAP which is just 1 and half year old party just want to get seats in hurry but they should have settle in Delhi and do some extraordinary work for public and then they have to approach in next LOKSABHA elections. Today AAP is on bullet trigger button due to their involvement in Loksabha elections as everybody knows what happened in New Delhi elections.

And one other party is  SP which i would say a "GUNDA PARTY" in UP. We all know what happened in Muzaffarpur but state's CM was busy in celebrating "Saifai big bash festival". Till today everybody said SP is just a party of illiterate and Gunda type people but after above incident it has been justified that they are careless people who have into politics by mistake. But we all know the literacy rate and caste system in uttar pradesh, so its very difficult to wake up people because literacy always bring some sense of humor which can think about everybody instead of thinking 1/2 days of wine before elections.

BSP is also another alternative but they is only Mayawati who can think and there is some fear of her but i don't know the other member's role in the party because if others do well then party like SP can never into existence.

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