Is entrance of Arvind kejriwal making elections more competitive for all parties ?

Hello Friends,

Today i will talk about upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the game plans of dirty dirty politics.
I am calling politics dirty as you all know-So no explanation :p

But my focus was on Mr.Arvind kejriwal who is famous for blaming the other politician in a very powerful and statistically way.Every time he went for any Rally,then there he had enough data to blame regional leader and feel him/her naked.His way of talking is quite similar like an pest resistant worker who knows the amount of pests in a gutter.But during this cleaning,he should also ensure that he can also get some kind of shits of that gutter.

But that is also a truth that this time the elections are more competitive as BJP,congress,third front and arvind kejriwal,all are making their effoerts to get huge number of seats. Kejriwal is in full form after quitting Delhi's public in middle.He accepted the CM chair of Delhi after asking public but resigned without asking anyone. Now the corruption, prices of water,electricity,gas and other materials are again rising.Although Arvind is denying that he doesn't want to become PM of country as chances are also very less but he doesn't do well with  Delhi public.

But come back of Arvind kejriwal again increases the headache of all other major parties as they were trying to busy him in Delhi and making many controversy against him.We don't know the result of upcoming PM elections but that is certain that this time Arvind kejriwal forces all Indians to watch Politics in a new way and this time, it is not easy to fool people as everyone is totally aware.

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