01 March, 2014

Why comedy nights with kapil is the best comedy talk show ?

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If you are an Indian or know Hindi language,then you know what is "Comedy nights with kapil" and why it is famous in all around the world. For detailed info you can check here.

As we all know how this show got a tremendous opening in terms of TRP in its opening year and now everyone in India just a true fan of Kapil sharma .We all know kapil sharma in his previous shows like comedy circus,laughter challenge etc. but after CNWK, kapil got stardom within some months and now he is getting offers as an actor in bollywood movies.

These kinds of various offers are part of every successful person but we have to think that why his show "Comedy nights with kapil" got big sucess as compared to other shows or his previous comedy shows.
In my opinion,there are several reasons behind it :

1.No Judgement,Only kapil : This is the solid reason of success of this show as we all know Kapil is the master of comedy and when he does it for all 1 hour,thats make special this show.Also there is no  point/judgement system to do comedy,you have to put comedy and only comedy nothing else.

2.Best group of comedians : There is no place for boring comedian in this show.All characters like Bittu, Dadi, Buwa,servant,Bittu's wife and other team members do their comedy best.

3.Navjot singh siddhu : Siddhu's appearance with his glorious shayaris bring a unique beauty in this show.

4.Celebrities : In this show, almost whole bollywood has come.Bringing celebrities in any show always bring a great TRP for sure.

5.Participation of Audience : The second solid reason of success of this show is active participation of audience present there.As Kapil also knows that he can't do his comedy for long time, so he pulls down his pressure to the audience.When public asks their question then kapil finds his comic timing.

These are the points why comedy nights with kapil is famous.

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