Why Yuvraj singh is blamed for India's defeat in ICC T20 final 2014 ?

Hello friends,
As a true indian fan, i was very disappointed to see the defeat of Indian cricket team in T20 world cup final. Indian cricket team was playing like a true champion in whole tournament by winning all the league matches but lost in final against Sri lanka.Many of the cricket generalists were flately saying that Sri lanka didn't win the match but India lost this match. After analysing whole match,indian team was definitely 30 runs short in final.At one stage score was 111/2 in 16 overs and virat kohli was playing superbally but at the other end Yuvraj singh was very struggling to just touch the ball.It was yuvraj singh's contribution that in the crucial situation,he scored just 11 runs in 21 balls with 10 dot balls.
There are some reasons for india's lose:
1.Slow start in powerplay as it was looked like that Indian team was taking lightly Sri lankan bowling attack.
2.Not sending in form Suresh Raina.
3.Suicidal performance of Yuvraj Singh.
4.Fantastic bowling by Sri lankan bowlers in last 3 overs as pressure of hitting sixes was build up by Yuvraj singh's boring batting.
5.Bad use of leg spinner Amit mishra and other bowlers.
But we can't blame bowlers as they were able to delay the match till 18th over and Sri lankan team was bit struggling to score runs under lights.
We know Yuvraj is a big player and he is player of tournament of T20 2007 worlf cup and 2011 50 over world cup, but every day is a new day and you have to play like that.
1.If Yuvraj was unable to hit the ball then he should play big shots on spinners after playing 6-7 balls as T20 demands.
2.Yuvraj had to rotate the strike for virat kohli from 16th over.
Whatever happens in the upcoming days but its true that Yuvraj singh will always be blamed for India's lose in the final of T20 world cup 2014.
May Yuvraj play next T20 world cup and do something in favor of India.

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