01 May, 2014

Google's driverless car- A new exciting technology to get rid of human employment

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American multinational company Google has worked on autonomous car which can be drive without any driver. Now the discovery of Google is getting success as according to Reuters India- One of the driver less car has been tested in the streets of Mountain View, California, a small suburban community where the company maintains its headquarters roughly 35 miles South of San Francisco.

Google's driver less cars rely on video cameras, radar sensors, lasers and a database of information collected from manually driven cars to help navigation, according to the company.
Google's robotic cars have about $150,000 in equipment including a $70,000 LIDAR (laser radar) system.The range finder mounted on the top is a Velodyne 64-beam laser. This laser allows the vehicle to generate a detailed 3D map of its environment. The car then takes these generated maps and combines them with high-resolution maps of the world, producing different types of data models that allow it to drive itself.

Google is one of several companies, including automakers Nissan Motor Co, Volkswagen AG's Audi and Toyota Motor Corp, testing self-driving car technology. Both Nissan and Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG say they plan to start selling self-driving cars by 2020.

It is unclear whether Google, the world's No.1 Internet search engine, intends to partner with other companies or develop its own self-driving vehicles.

It can be one the best achievement in the automation sector for future and motivate them to further extraordinary in automation but it can also be a big threat for the drivers too who are dependent on driving for earning many metro cities.

Till today we should enjoy this new discovery because that is a ultimate invention of the ultimate minds.

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