04 May, 2014

Why Family is the biggest happiness in the world

Hello friends,

We live in 21st century where competition has reached at that level where nobody cares for you. The other people will look like that they are helping ,but eventually you notice that they are just doing time pass with you and want to spend their leisure time with you.

At that time when you reached your home after facing your on or off day outside, you came to realize that your family specially your parents are the one who really care for your till their lives.
Friends, happiness is not always present outside because it can be unfaithful  and you can't read the mind of others, what are they thinking about you or they take your voice seriously or not.Sometimes you came to realize that other buddy is making fun of your voice or using your secret for his work.
So before telling everything about any sort of thing to your close friend/any other, you can consult it with your any close family member or parents because they are the one who will really take part in your adverse situations.
There are situations where only parents can handle better than any other person in the world and these type situations have also occurred in your life also.
Friends , family is the world's largest property that anybody has because they will look after you, not your friends. Your friends can take part in some situations but they will not think about your problems at that level what your parents or other family member will.
So Family is the biggest charm and happiness where all heaven resides but one has to find and feel that.

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