14 May, 2014

Why Students are studying hard in India ?

Hello Friends,

Today i am gonna talk about another proud issue for our country India that is our education. We all know how populated our country is and how much intelligent and hard working people of our country are but there are some reasons also for that hard work. These below points can be reason of India's hard work :

1.Studying for survival : Thats the truth of our education system, here degree more matters than a actual performing talent. If you have degree of higher education then you may have chance to get good pay scale in India. In India, parents used to say to their children-"Kids, study high otherwise you will  not get a good job." These lines are very much truth as they already know the present condition of India and according to that they always motivate or sometimes taunt them for more higher studies. In India, there is less culture of motivating kids to their internal hobbies like sports,music and other outdoor adventurous activities. If they have such hobbies then there might be two conditions of their career that in one case if their parents allow them for their talent then they have chance to grow otherwise they have to study and work as servant under a company till their whole life.

2. Marks matters than knowledge: In India, everybody is competing for getting higher marks than others because here marks are the actual criteria of measuring the actual talent of the student. Here above 85% student is considered as the boss and below 60% is considered as a total idiot. Thats why there is always a self-pressure of  getting good marks by cramming the things fast without knowing the actual application of that thing in real world.

One of the good example of this point can be seen at the time of admission in the top colleges where cut-offs are crossing above 90% for each degree course. So its a bitter reality of India and if you are an Indian then you know it very well.

Friends in my opinion, these are the two solid points of our hard working education system where a lot of terms and conditions are applied for getting success. Till today, Indian students are studying not for their interest but for their survival.  

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