18 August, 2014

Blogging is not a game of Child

Hello Friends

Today i will talk about blogging and its related circumstances.

Friends, whenever we see the blogs or website of others then think we can also do it.Sometimes in hurry we make a blog and write 3 or 4 posts instantly about any particular topic or niche.

But then we see our stats of page views.

You see- 15 Page views in 1 week.

You definitely gonna shock to see that and after that you think that i should write for at least 1 month and then i will see the stats.

After 1 Month

You see 100 pageviews of 20 posts, out of which 60 pageviews are of your own browser.

This will break your heart and you start thinking-

"No man, i can't do it, its boring work".
Some people start making fun of yours.

But friends, your journey doesn't end here but actually it starts from here because you will start thinking about why i am not getting page views.

I have also same problem when i started blogging because in country like India, no body cares about blogging and they will not support you for this work.They will consistently make fun of you by saying-

What happened to your blog ? (In funny way)
How much dollars ? (because my blog is approved by Google Adsense

But after hearing all those lines, i really feel:
If you get success then the same people will praise your work.
because i am not writing blog for only earning money but i can write consistently with full of my interest.
It doesn't matter people are praising or criticizing your work, but you should continue with your work.
If you have these qualities then you can become a best blogger :
  1. Patience
  2. Knowledge
  3. Good listener
So my dear friends, Blogging is not a game of child which will always cheers you, but its a good practice to express yourself with some text of words.

So next time before saying anything to a blogger/content writer, just create a blog of yours and then feel the situation for some days.
After that you will definitely say the title of this post- "BLOGGING IS NOT A GAME OF CHILD" and your mouth will shut down.

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