25 October, 2014

Teachers of Today

Hello Friends,
Today i want to talk about the condition of teachers in India and all over of the world.Teaching is one of the nobel and great task in our society.Everyone praises the great minds and their inventions but no body talks about their teachers who learn them a lot of things in their lives.

I am not taking favor of all the teachers

I will not write any emotional post to praise the work of every teacher to salute them.Because we all know if there are good teachers then there is 0.5 probability of getting bad/boring teachers also.These boring teachers can make your life hell till they exist in your school or college life because these kind of teachers just know one thing-
"Repetition of same work in same boring way and expect students to do that thing in a creative way".
I don't know why these kind of teachers join such a social and nobel work if sociality doesn't exist in their lives.I don't know why some teachers become rude just for showing the students that they are our teachers and can do anything. Recently a result of CTET (Central teacher eligibility test) was announced in India and you will be surprised to hear that only 11% candidates could pass the test. Thats pathetic condition for teaching profession. Some needs government jobs in teaching not to teach but to get the job security.Teaching profession is in trouble in india. In private schools, condition of teachers is even more worse where their wages are very less. Some of the teachers didn't teach well in school/college because they want students to join their coaching institutes or classes with big amount of fees. Some of the online portals also charge too much fee to provide e-certificate of a course which are offered on their sites in name of free coaching. "Today teaching profession is nothing but a big sale of education for which free is just a tag to show  the world but its internal things include a big mouth of greediness".

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