08 October, 2014

Big Billion Day turns into Big Flop Day for flipkart

Hello Friends,

On 6 October 2014, Flipkart announced the Big Billion Day with huge hype and marketing on TV,Radio,Newspaper and internet. They were celebrating this day 1st time and claiming it as one of the biggest day for E-commerce business. They promised to offer great deals,discounts and other exciting prizes to win for the customers.

But actually what Happened ?
A Big Flop day that turns Flipkart into Flopkart and decrease the reputation of the country's biggest e-commerce company.

There were certain problems during the Day:

1.OUT OF STOCK : There were many products where customers clicked on BUY NOW link but within the seconds the product turns into OUT OF STOCK status and it occurs many times through out the day.

2.SERVER DOWN:The site also showed 502 error message while loading that means server is down.

3.PRICE CHANGE: The Price were changing means it was showing different price on home page and different on landing page.

4.No Cancel/No Refund option: There was no option to cancel the order that created headache for many customers.

There were also news that Flipkart was increasing the prices of products from last week till 5 october 2014 and increased upto 40% more on 5 october. And on the day of The Big Billion Day, they just sold the products at normal rates.

These points are showing that Flipkart was just fooling the people to increase its sales but they forgot the thing now Indian public is not fool.The Big Billion day was criticised everywhere like on facebook,twitter etc.

Now Company is apologising for the Big Billion Day and saying sorry to its customers but time has gone now. Now company has to understand that if public can make them NO.1 then they can also  make them zero in the market.So first they have to understand the Indian market and respect the people without treating them like a goat ready for meal.

They should say sorry in public and promise to provide more discounts on daily basis not like any Big Billion day.