08 November, 2014

Healthy Children make your home joyful and living

Hello Friends,

Today I am posting about the values of children in a house/home.Its no value if you have huge amount of money in your bank account but if you don't have children or little companions then your life will always be miss with happiness and joy.

I am not married but I can feel that thing when my parents call me whenever i go anywhere.I know that its not the boundations but the love and worry they feel about us.
Friends, this happens to all whether you are a boy/girl, parents are not going to end those questions about your life's problems and everything.They are real care-takers of your life than anyone.

My two niece
These are the pics of my two niece and our real world of joy and happiness.We don't feel that much better without these two little ones.These two girls are healthy, so we are happy.If they got ill then the whole house becomes silent.That make us realize if your children are happy and healthy then you are living a living life.
I know those days when i had to got up early in the morning for preparation of exams till my 12th class.At that time i used to got up at 4:00 am and before i got up, my father was there with a cup of tea and Dabur chyawanprash with some dry fruits.I can say those were the best days of my life not because of performance i was getting in those time but because of seeing my father's care for me.Now my father is not capable to do those things but its al right with his age.
When my sister got married, our house became boring but now her daughters are our lives.
So friends if children need parents for their well being, similarly parents also need their children.And parents need their children happy and healthy.

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