02 March, 2015

Cricket World Cup- Black & White movie to wonderful color movie

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is happening in the beautiful venues of Australia and New Zealand. People are enjoying this world like always but with a more exciting way because of lot of excitement in the matches. Cricket World Cup has changed in many ways from year 1975 to 2015, now there are some points which show the change in the scenario of Cricket World Cup :
  • Uniform : From year 1975-1989, uniform in cricket was white and quite boring to look at.
    Cricket match on Lords
    At that time, people were enjoying the cricket but there was no scope for new viewers to distinguish between the teams as all the teams were wearing white uniforms so there was lack of charm in the cricket. But in year 1992, colorful uniforms were used first time and all the cricket fans were too happy to watch their cricketers in different colorful uniforms.
    1992 World Cup teams
  • Cricket Stadiums : In the beginning of cricket world cup 1975, cricket stadiums were not that good as compare to today. At that time when any cricket match ended, all the audience came in the stadium due to absence of boundaries and restrictions.
    Crowd entering after end of match
But now stadiums are more restricted,safe and good looking. Now there are less chances of any kind of violence in the stadiums and they are equipped with more facilities.
melbourne cricket stadium

Technology: There is big advancement in the technical section of cricket. Now there are many kind of camera views, statistical views in cricket matches. People can equally enjoy the cricket match on tv like watching on cricket stadium. Spider cam, hotspots, snickometer, LED lights in stumps etc are all examples of change in the technological section of cricket.
Dhoni dislodging the LED stumps 
Spider Cam view
 Health and Fitness: Now cricketers are more cautious about their fitness as compare to 70s,80s,90s era. They spend much more time in the gyms to build their physique to remain fit in whole cricketing season. As cricket is played in all 12 months so now there is much more demand of fitness.
Dwayne Leverock in World Cup 2007- most fat player 

England cricket team fitness session
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