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How website mobile friendliness will AFFECT Google search result ranking

From 21st April 2015, Google will consider mobile-friendliness as a factor for ranking the website in the Google search results. Till now it was not the matter but now Google will strictly follow this. Mobile-Friendliness will be now a ranking signal for showing the search page results. Discover Tips is mobile-friendly So if your website is not friendly with mobile devices then it will be ranked lower than the websites which are mobile-friendly. Read : Google's New Feature for mobile devices-"Mobile Friendly" So it will highly affect your website traffic and reputation.

Farmers are dying but Indian politicians are busy in Politics

In Year 2015, due to unwanted rain and weather, crops of farmers were harmed. Due to which, they are not able to sell them and nurture their families. The financial stress is causing them to commit suicide but central government and state governments are just saying the same dialogue- "We will do something". Gajendra Singh Suicide Case

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