28 June, 2015

500 days of Summer

Today i just watched 2009 English movie "5oo days of summer". The movie was quite interesting and complex for first time watcher. Complex in the sense that when you see the movie, the flashback part in terms of days can be really confusing. The second confusing thing that what Summer really wants ( Summer is a lead lady in this movie whose real mentality will be unclear to you throughout the movie).
The other guy is Tom ( Who is main lead of this movie) who just loves Summer but Summer doesn't believe in relationship kind of things, so for maintaining the relationship, Tom never proposed Summer. They both used to hang out with each other, having intimate fun with each other but never agreed for a relationship status. They always remain as friends with benefits kind of people.

Well, In the sequence, both (Summer and Tom) go for wedding and Summer invited Tom for a party. At the party, Tom sees a ring in Summer's finger and realised that Summer is going to marry someone ( And she did it).
At the end ,Tom and Summer met each other at favorite spot Angelus Plaza ( Actually its a favorite spot of Tom) where Summer told him that how a guy proposed her for marriage, then she think about it and finally realised that relationships exists ( what Tom used to say her in the beginning but she never give a shit about it) but on the other hand Tom has now a reverse mentality that true love or relationships do not exist ( what Summer thinks in the beginning of the movie).
That was the last meeting of both people.
Then Tom goes for a job interview and there, she met a beautiful girl who initiates talk with Tom and talks about Angelus plaza where he used to sit. Then somebody called him for interview but this time Tom doesn't miss the chance and ask that girl for a coffee. Girl hesitates but finally said Yes.
And you will be surprised to know her name....

Her name was Autumn.

So next - ( ______ days of Autumn  :P )

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