30 June, 2015

Who gives such list to download ?

Hello guys, as you know I am doing internship at IIIT-Allahabad ( if don't then no problem :P). The total duration of internship is around 3 months so i am not interested in making new friends at all. But due to some urgency, you have to talk some people.
So there is mess boy, 2-3 years younger than me, who serves the food in IIIT-Allahabad mess with his colleagues. He is having good nature and simple personality. One day he asked me to teach English to him, i was totally surprised as my own English is not that perfect till now. But I also know the fact that i could teach some basic English to him. So I will teach him English till my internship's last date.
He is also a music lover, specially old songs lover. He told me about that and ask me to download some songs for him (as he don't know how to access internet). I also agreed with  a thinking -
"There will be only some songs (around 50-60) and i can manage that with my internship work".

But then he gives me this list and I said (in my mind) : What rubbish is this ????

That is his songs list; actually its a movie list 
So he give me this list to download the songs of these movies.
I couldn't abuse him at his face but that is totally idiot because as per i know he has only 4GB memory card. And also who will download such a big list. One can download any kind of data from one source easily but to download this, you have to google and google. Some people think internet is a easy method to download any thing but they don't know all the search work is done by a human being on keyboard. Machines and technology just follow the path which is given by a human being.

So, I told him  today that i will only download 15 movies songs (zip file) and he agreed with some sorrow (But i don't care :/ ).
Now I am little bit relieved and little bit smiling on this list because it looks like a bigger project than my Internship project.

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