01 July, 2015

A walk to remember- Another wonderful movie

Tonight I have watched another wonderful movie- "A walk to remember". Its basically a love story between Jammie and Landon, not like 500 days of Summer. Its a simple and cool romantic movie to watch with no adult material. I can say its one of the clean movie of Hollywood i have ever seen in my life.
The plot starts with a handsome,fun-loving, popular but irresponsible guy Landon who just lives school life with lots of adult stuff (not shown in the movie but you will understand it after watching this movie). In this school, there is a simple,beautiful and responsible girl Jammie who is very intelligent in her all stuffs (drama, science etc.). She used to stay simple due to which others make a fun of her all the time including Landon.
Due to one of his ragging stuff , Head of School orders Landon to either leave the school or teach fellow students and participating in school's play. Now things come close between Landon and Jammie as she was the lead lady of the play in which Landon has to play a lead role. Landon was just a newbie in acting but Jammie was quite used to of it, so Landon ask Jammie to help him in School play. Jammie agreed and invited him to her home to learn about play.
Now Landon was seeing real Jammie in his life and got inspired by her personality (as her expression and personality was too different on School play ceremony). He asked her for date (with taking permission from her Dad) and proposed her.
After some days, Landon decided to get into a medical college then Jammie confesses that she has leukemia and she has not enough time [thats the heart breaking moment of the movie :( ] in her life. Landon was broken and go to his father but he was just a heart specialist not cancer specialist.
In between Landon prepared the big telescope to watch the star which belongs to Jammie.
Days move on and Jammie was dieing day by day.
Finally Landon asked Jammie- "Will you marry me ?"
and then they got married.
After that there will be 4 years leap , Landon gets into medical college but Jammie was no more.

Landon realised that whatever change has come to his life was because of Jammie.
She came to his life for changing him and went away when her work was done.
That was the miracle of Jammie for his love Landon. 

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