06 July, 2015


Tonight I have watched another hollywood movie but this time it was a comedy plus emotional movie "Ted". The story mainly moves around two best friends John and Ted (a small teddy bear) with John's girlfriend Lori. When John was a 8 years old child then he made a wish to God to give life to a teddy bear toy and on next morning his wish got true and teddy got alive.
Since then they used to live together with each other. Now John is 35 years old workless man with a employed girlfriend Lori and a popular Ted. Lori doesn't like the present condition of John because he used to spend lots of his time with Ted without doing any kind of Job.

So one day she asked him to move out Ted to different house, so for the sake of their relationship John shifted Ted to a new house. John also promised her not to meet Ted again but his friendship comes again and again. After several warning Lori breaks up with John (because John again meets Ted by leaving Lori in a party). Due to this, Ted and John's friendship got a bitter taste as John was blaming Ted for ruining his love life.
In this bitter taste of their friendship, you will watch a epic funny fight scene between Ted and Johnny (Ted used to say John as Johnny).
In between Ted convinces Lori to get back to John and promised her not to be in their life again. When Lori left out to meet John then two half mind people kidnapped Ted.
After that Lori and John rescue Ted but in between cushion of Ted was damaged and he (Ted) got dead. Without his friend Ted, Johnny was too low, so this time, Lori makes a wish to God to alive Ted again to see John happy and her wish also get accepted.
Now John, Lori (now husband-wife) and Ted are living their together.

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