29 August, 2015

Completed NNMCB internship at IIIT Allahabad

After 3 months of time, yesterday (28-08-2015) I have officially got the certificate and completed my internship at IIIT Allahabad. It was the internship under NNMCB (National network of mathematics and computational biology) programme and i was selected in Kanpur Node. There was no exam to get into this internship but you have to write 1 page write up to NNMCB to show your interest towards your subject which are mentioned in this programme.
For more info you can visit : NNMCB

Gaurav Harit at IIIT Allahabad
Me with my certificate

I have started this internship in the starting of June month (7th) and completed on 28th august. I really enjoyed this internship because it helps me in many aspects:

  • I got the opportunity to learn new things and get the experience of some research work.
  • I met new and intelligent people who are very dedicated towards their work and very polite.
  • I have learnt to live without family.
  • I have got some knowledge of this cruel outside world.
  • I have learnt about railways booking system LOL.
The stipend release process was quite lengthy and it took around 6 months to get my stipend in my pocket. Finally after so much telephonic calls, emails, visits i finally got my stipend of 3 months on 10 February 2016.
There were several moments when i really miss my home city Delhi because IIIT-Allahabad was quite silent place as compare to noisy delhi. So sometimes i got really bore here. If i didn't get any internship work here, then i would not able to live here for a single day. But one thing is also that this silence helped to do my work with more efficiency specially at the time of report writing.
But now I am very happy that i completed my internship and going back to my family in Delhi.

Lastly I would like to thank my mentor Dr. Pritish Kumar Varadwaj sir and his Ph. D fellows Utkarsh sir, Rashmi mam, Saurabh sir, Himanshu Sir and Sonali ji, who supported me throughout this internship.
Thank You 

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