कम्प्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान for Hindi Medium Students

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Today through my friends for Hindi necessary information concerning certain computer'm presenting is a lot of work in the different competitive of the test

1. The language translation program without the computer understands is called - machine language

2. What type of computer language compiler? - Low-level language

3kopan, print and save all the buttons are located - on the standard tool bar

4. In the spreadsheet columns and rows intersect at the point when it says - cell

5. Point to the columns in the spreadsheet and Rointrsekt do what it says? - Cell
6. trackball whose examples? - Pointing device
7. If your computer keeps rebooting itself so much that - a virus
8. Commando lists which they appear on the screen - menu
9. The hard disk where the deleted files are sent? - Recycle bin
10. EDP is? - electronic data processing
11. What type of computer is manufactured in India the ultimate computer? - Super Computer
12. Which generation microprocessor computer? - IV
13. The Board, "Function-key number is? - 12
14. The computer-read individual lines of code that length-chaw Dhai says - Bar code
The letter is printed by the printer 15. What is stroke? - Dot matrix printers
16. What type of internal storage is storage? - Primary
17. What types of storage devices in cell phones are used to? - Flash
18. The process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors is? - Formatting
19. Because RAM is volatile memory - to retain data it requires constant power supply
20. The set of programs, the creation of the computer pre-installed in the Read Only Memory - Firmware
21. What a stroke of a letter is printed by the printer? - Dot matrix printers
22. The largest unit of storage - terra byte
23. What is the series of eight consecutive budgets? - Byte
24. The first generation computers used - Vacuum Tube
25. The computer virus is a type of software, which are mostly destroyed - programs
26. What is Google? - Search Engines
27. What method is used in modern digital computers? - Binary number system
28. What is Arnet? - A computer network
29. What is the keyboard shortcut for the new slide? - Ctrl + N
30 is a group of related records - the database
31. xls files for extension is how to use? - Excel
32. What is the software that controls the computer's Hardvyer? - System
33. The computer in which the software is used for work? - App
The default file extension is 34. Word document? - DOC
35. The taskbar is located - at the bottom of the screen
36. The symbol is blinking on the computer screen - the cursor
37. E-mail is junk - Spam
38. URL is what? - Document or page on the World Wide Web Address
39. To transfer files and messages exchanged on how to use the utility - e-mail
40. Education Classes typically uses what is in your domain name? - .edu
41. What is e-commerce? - Purchase and sale of products and services on the Internet
42. Internet-related Fktikpik The word means - file transfer protocol
43. When was the beginning of the Internet in India? - August 15, 1995
44. Which state in India, the first telephone directory on the Internet is provided? - Sikkim
45. MICR C in the full name? - Character
46. ​​OCR is the full form? - Optical Character Recognition
47. How many kilobytes is formed out of a megabyte? - 1024
48. The binary system is based upon a number system - 2
49. ASCII characters in can be built - 256
50. What is virtual memory? - Hard disk memory of the CPU is used as extended RAM

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