22 February, 2016

How Arvind Kejriwal is coming out to be a big liar for Delhi People


Before starting this post, i want to tell you that i am not supporter of any political party.

Proof : 

Reasons behind Arvind Kejriwal win in Delhi elections 2015

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started his journey with #AnnaHazare Aandolan as a supporter for Lokpal bill. After many #Dharnas , he came to conclusion that, to improve politics, one has to come in politics.
Then he decided to become a politician and founded #AamAadmiParty. He started his campaigning with a tag of #AamAadmi with white hat on his head to vote for his party to remove corruption from the politics. At that time, people of Delhi were suffering from #Congress- means mainly from Inflation and corruption. Previous Chief Minister Sheila Dixit was quite arrogant in front of media at that time. So due to this, people start connected with AAP with a hope that they will understand Delhi quite well than others.
In the election campaign Kejriwal said :

  • He has a lot of data (stats) against the corrupt leaders and once his government comes to power then all those leaders will be in jail. (Kejri Sir, where are those files ? )
  • He will not do coalition with any political party. Later on he coalite with #Congress to make government in Delhi for 1st time. ( Kejri Kya hua tera vaada.......)
  • He decided not to use government facilities or called luxury facilities ( Phir Kejri Kya hua tera vaada....)
After that Kejriwal wins elections with 28 seats and become CM of delhi by helping hands of congress. But later on he resigned from CM post and came out to be as biggest #Bechara in front of Delhi people (just like Rajiv gandhi). People voted for Kejriwal giving him full support (67 seats out of 70) and made him CM for another time with a hope that this kejriwal will definitely take care of delhi.
But what Delhi actually got :
  • Free water (Thank You Kejriwal Sir _/\_)
  • Decreasing infrastructural schemes for Delhi.
  • Corruption news of Aap Leaders.
  • Always concentrating at central party-  ( Kejri Bhaiya, Delhi ke liye bhi koi statement de diya karo kabhi).
  • Odd-even Scheme ( Thank You Kejriwal Sir _/\_).
  • Fight between Jung and Kejriwal ( Aye ye to roz ka hai ).
  • Increase in the salary of MLAs ( Bhaiya kaha rahe tum aam aadmi ab ???? )
I don't know what Kejriwal wants (but i know :p) but one thing is clear  now people of Delhi are not seeing you as #Bechare but as big #Liar who don't care about his responsibilities and but only tweets about political agendas (Bhaiya aapki kon salah maang raha hai, aur koi CM to dikhta nahi salah deta hua). 
And Please forget Delhi will give you 67 seats ever again.
Bye Bye Kejriwal.

I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

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