13 July, 2016

Facts About Madhya Pradesh

As its name suggests, Madhya Pradesh is situated in the very heart of India. It shares its borders with five other states viz., Rajasthan in the north-west, Uttar Pradesh in the north, Gujarat in the west, Maharashtra in the south and Chhattisgarh in the north-east. Madhya Pradesh, with an area of 3, 08, 000 sq. km is the second largest state in India after Rajasthan. It is a part of peninsular plateau of India lying in north central part, whose boundary can be classified in the north by the plains of Ganga-Yamuna, in the west by the Aravali, east by the Chhattisgarh plain and in the south by the Tapti valley and the plateau of Maharashtra.
Madhya Pradesh takes pride in having the country's largest forest coverage of 94689.38 Out of 94689.38, 61886.49 is reserved forest, 31098 is protected forest and 1705.85 falls under unclassified forest.
Capital city: Bhopal
Chief Minister: Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Governor: Ram Naresh Yadav
High Court : Jabalpur  High Court
The Acting Chief Justice: Rajendra Menon
Number of Districts: 51
State day- 01st November
Specialty of State: Agricultural Produce
Produce/ SpecialityRank in India
State Population5
National Parks :
Sl.No.Name of National ParkSpecial Species (if any important)Important Remarks
1Kanha National Park
The Largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh with 940 SQ. KM Under it
Best Administered Parks in Asia 
Has a Significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger and
Species of Birds & Flora
2Satpura National Parkfed-up of crowded wildlife sanctuaries, struggle for getting safari tickets, standing in a queue of safari jeeps, over-crowding of safari jeeps during wildlife sighting then Satpura National Park is the right solution for real wildlife lovers.The terrain of the national park is extremely rugged and consists of fascinating deep valleys, sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, rivulets, waterfalls, thickly dense green forest of Sal and other medicinal herbs and Tawa vast reservoir
3Panna Tiger ReserveTiger (Panthera tigris tigris), the king of the jungle, roams freely in this secure, though a bit small habitat along with his fellow beings - leopard (Panthera pardus), wild dog (Cuon alpinus), wolf (Canis lupus).The avifauna comprises more than 200 species, including a host of migratory birds. One can see white necked stork, bareheaded goose, honey Buuzzard, King vulture, Blossom headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher, Slaty headed Scimitar babbler to name a few.
4Pench National ParkTigers. Leopards. Jackals. And us humans.Pench National park, nestling in the lower southern reaches of the satpuda hills is named after Pench river, meandering through the park from north to south. It is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra, in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara.
5Bandhavgarh National ParkThere are more than 22 species of mammals and 250 species of birds. Common Langurs and Rhesus Macaque represent the primate group.The artiodactyls frequently sighted are Wild Pigs, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Chausingha, Nilgai, Chinkara and Gaur. Mammals such as Dhole, the smallIndian Civet, Palm Squirrel and Lesser Bandicoot Rat are seen occasionally.
Important Dams, Rivers and Lakes:
Sl.No.DamRiverNearest CityType of dam
1.Gandhi Sagar DamChambalKota, RajasthanGravity and Masonry
2.Bansagar DamSoneAmarpatanEarthen and Masonry
3.Bargi DamNarmadaJabalpurGravity
4.Barna DamBarnaBareliGravity/ Masonry

9.Kali Sindh
Sl.No.LakeLocated in/near
1.Bhojtal            LakeBhopal
2.Lower Lake   Bhopal
3.Moti lake       Bhopal
4.Sharangpani Lake    Bhopal
5.Tawa Reservoir        Hoshangabad           
6.Shahpura lake          Bhopal
Important Power generation plants:
Sl.No.Plant/ProjectType/CategoryRemarks (if any)
1.Vindhyachal - SingrauliThermal Power StationCapacity of 4,760MW, is currently the biggest thermal power plant in India. It is a coal-based power plant owned and operated by NTPC.
1. Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport — Indore
2. Raja Bhoj International Airport — Bhopal
3. Jabalpur Airport, also known as Dumna Airport—Jabalpur
4. Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Air Terminal— Gwalior

Folk Dances:
Sl.No.Folk DancesRemarks (if any)
1.LokranjanAn annual dance festival at Khajuraho
2.MatkiThis is a community dance of the Malwa
3.GangaurThis dance is performed mainly during the nine days of Gangaur festival
4.BadhaiPopular on the occasions of the birth, marriage and festivals in the Bundelkhand region
5.BarediBaredi dance is performed during the period starting the festival of Diwali till the day of Poornima
6.NaurataThis dance has a special significance to the unmarried girls in the Bundelkhand region
7.AhiraiThe major traditional dances of Bharia tribe
8.BhagoriaQuaint rhythms conjure up the tribal cultural identity of the Baiga tribe
  • Agariya
  • Dhanwar
  • Gadaba
  • Gadba
  • Halba
  • Halbi
  • Kamar
  • Karku
  • Parja
  • Sahariya
  • Saharia
  • Seharia
  • Sehria
  • Sosia
  • Sor
  • Saonta
Important Regional Festivals:
Sl.No.Festival NameRemarks
1.Lokrang FestivalLokrang is a cultural festival in which all the dancers put their best foot forwards and matches their steps with the folk music.
2.Akhil Bhartiya Kalidas SamarohWriters, Poets from around the world come together in the march for seven brilliant days of poetry recitation, story reading, and cultural performances. Ujjain is the hometown of many eminent writers and poets like Kalidas, Pandit Surya Narayan Vyas, Balkavi Bairagi, to name a few. The fest is organized to celebrate the work of the notable poet, Kalidas.
3.Khajuraho FestivalDance and music should be the middle name of Madhya Pradesh. One week long, Khajuraho dance festival is the manifestation of the true India's dance forms.
4.Bhagoria Haat FestivalIn the local language, the carnival is called as the festival of love. Celebrated with great pomp and show by the tribal people of Madhya Pradesh
5.HoliHoli is celebrated just for two days on the last full moon day of the lunar moon. On days one, a bonfire is organized by the different temples.
6.Ujjain Kumbh MelaUjjain is one of those places in India where Kumbh Mela takes place. The festival is organized four times in every twelve years in the four cities of India- Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain or Nasik.
7.Malwa UtsavMalwa Utsav is one of the biggest, largest and most spectacular events in Madhya Pradesh. Dance and music performances are the most integral part of the festival.
8.DussehraIf tourists happen to be in Madhya Pradesh during October or November.
Important Temples/Archeological Monuments/Sites:
Sl.No.Temple/ Archeological Monument/ SiteLocated in/near
1.Mahakaleshwar JyotirlingaUjjain
2.Devi Jagdambi templeKhajuraho
3.Varaha TempleKhajuraho
4.Vishvanath TempleKhajuraho
5.Jali MahalDhar
6.Somavati KundDhar
7.Mahadeva templeGwalior
8.Tila MonumentGwalior
9.Rani MahalSagar
10.Open Air MuseumBhind
11.Kamlapati PalaceBhopal
12.Gond FortChhindwara
13.Alamgir GateDhar
14.Champa BaoliDhar
15.Chor Kot MosqueDhar
16.Dilawar Khan's MosqueDhar
17.Ek Khamba MahalDhar
18.Lal BungalowDhar
19.Tomb of Abul FazalGwalior
20.Old Mughal FortHoshangabad
21.Vishnu-Varaha TempleJabalpur
22.Shri Omkareshwar JyotirlingKhandwa
23.Chitragupta templeKhajuraho

Nick Names/Special Titles of Cities:
Sl.No.CityNick Name
1.City of LakesBhopal
2.Mini MumbaiIndore
3.Power Hub CityMundi
4.Soya region   Madhya Pradesh
Sport Stadiums/Arena:
1.Maharani Usharaje Trust  or Holkar Cricket Stadium       CricketIndore
2.Captain Roop Singh StadiumCricketGwalior
3.Nehru StadiumCricketIndore
4.Aishbagh StadiumHockeyBhopal
Constituency of Cabinet Ministers:
1.Narendra Singh TomarGwalior
Rural Development
Panchayati Raj
Drinking Water and Sanitation
2.Sushma Swaraj         VidishaExternal Affairs
3.Thawar Chand Gehlot            Rajya Sabha MPSocial Justice and Empowerment
4.Prakash JavadekarRajya Sabha MPHuman Resource Development
5.Najma A. HeptullaRajya Sabha MPMinority Affairs

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