19 September, 2016

Rio Paralympic Games 2016

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games 2016 (7-18 September) is over now and this time we have witnessed some of the world record breaking performances by the athletes. The 2020 Summer Paralympics, the 16th edition of the international multi-sports event, will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 25 August to 6 September 2020.The Paralympic Games are an attempt to provide an equal platform for athletes with disabilities to showcase their skills at a stage that lets them represent their countries.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games 

In Rio 2016 Paralympic Games around 4,350 athletes from more than 160 countries competed for 528 medal events in 22 different sports. Games such as canoe-kayak and triathlon were made debut at the 2016 edition. 2016 Paralympic Games witnessed dominance of athletes from China and the United Kingdom  but a major game-changer was  absent in a form of Russian athletes , due to  massive state-sponsored doping claims unearthed over the past few months.

Medal Tally

China hold the top rank with  239 medals where as India ranked 43 with 4 medals .

Record Performances at Rio 2016 Paralympic Games 

Powerlifting -61 kg

A standout record was broken in the women’s powerlifting -61 kg category .This was first broken by Egypt’s Fatma Omar with a 140 kg lift and then bettered by Nigeria’s Lucy Ejike with an outstanding 142 kg lift.Lucy, who has polio and uses a wheelchair has competed the fifth medal in five Paralympic Games and has taken a medal home every time.

Fastest swim 100 m breaststroke - SB13 female

17-year-old swimmer Fotimakhon Amilova from Uzbekistan achieved an astonishing time of 1 min 12.45 sec, knocked more than three seconds off the female SB13 100 m breaststroke record. Fotimakhon bettered the record of 1 min 15.96 sec that was previously set by GB’s Rebeca Redfen, who achieved silver in Fotimakhon’s record-breaking race.

Fastest swim 200 m freestyle - S2 male

China’s Benying Liu , 20-year-old athlete take gold and set a new world records in 200 m freestyle race of swimming.Fellow Team China member Liankang Zou first achieved a record time with 3 min 49.37 sec, only for Benying to come back and win the final in a record-smashing time of 3 min 41.54 sec.

Fastest Men's B 4000m Individual Pursuit

Team GB’s Steve Bate smashed the record with a blinding time of 4 mins 8.146 sec., in a nail-biting ride piloted by Adam Duggleby. The pair won a gold medal in the track cycling event.

Fastest 100 m - T45/46/47 male

Petrucio Ferreira Dos Santos from Brazil  won gold in a time of 10.57 seconds, breaking the previous record of 10.72 sec.

Fatest -1500m T13 sprint

Algeria’s Abdellatif Baka won the men's 1500m T13 sprint event in a world record-breaking time of three minutes and 48.29 seconds at the Rio Paralympics .

Indian athlete journey in Rio 2016.

India ranked 43rd in Rio 2016 Paralympic Games 2016 with a tally of 4 medals.

Devendra Jhajharia won gold and set a new world record in javelin throw F46 event in the Rio 2016 Paralympics

Deepa Malik bagged a silver medal in the women’s shotput F53 event, with a personal best throw of 4.61 metres.

Mariyappan Thangavelu had won gold in the Men’s High Jump T42 category  with fellow Indian Varun Bhati taking bronze at the same event.

Disability is often looked upon as a curse, but despite being disabled these athletes have proven themself at an international level . The only disability in life is a bad attitude and one's behavior towards any disabled person . Every human being is born with some special quality and disability is not a curse rather it motivates to millions of human to move ahead despite of situations or condition that one have.


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