19 June, 2017

India vs Pak: Lessons & Learning

For some it was a heartbreaking moment
For some it was a devastating defeat
For some it was a moment to vent their angst out
For some it was a defeat that was hard to digest
For some the sleep proved to be a distant dream last night.
Yes, it all happened last night & these are the accounts of all emotions that were in the breeze that was only appearing cool but was filled with extremely hot vibes. It was a hard day for Indian Cricket Team and they fell victim to the pressure. But for some it was a dark, gloomy night to learn some hard lessons of life. The people who learn from their mistakes & rectify them & implement those improved changes in the work. Yes, you got it right. These people are no extra-ordinary people but are quick learners & recover swiftly. People like these are present among you. They are the aspirants who are ahead of their peers not in terms of preparation always but in terms of temperament & learning capabilities. They accept failures as golden chances to learn something that would prove to be productive in the future. Let's see what are the lessons that could be learned by yesterday's blunder of Indian Team.
It was another normal day where a team that outplayed the other, won. But if you analyse closely, the script of India's defeat was already written at the end of the toss. The lesson that the toss left with us was never to be over-confident. It was a flat surface with a little brown grass over it. It was a kind of surface that even players of Bermuda would die to bat first on. Now over-confidence came into picture when Indian skipper chose to bowl first. No qualms about the fact that he was over dependent on his chasing prowess & also the previous victory added more flavour to his love for chasing. So, this decision proved fatal for the whole team & for the whole nation. Like this decision sometimes we tend to get over-confident about certain topics & make big blunders in the exam inspite of knowing the know-hows of those. This dose of over-confidence must be avoided & we must behave like a glass that is never full to get filled by GYAAN anytime. However, It's totally upto you to filter what to choose & what not to. The one who is always full will never seek knowledge & the one who never seek knowledge can never become a man of wisdom.
Second mistake that proved fatal for India was the no-ball of Bumrah. Had that no-ball not been delivered, then the scenario would have been totally different for sure. As Fakhar Zaman learnt from his mistake of touching a ball outside off-stump without any foot movement & scored the best & his maiden ton against their arch rivals. Now this no-ball is like a puzzle/extremely tough QA question/English RC that is intentionally added in the exam to screen many candidates who come under pressure at the early stages of the exam. Have you ever noticed why these tough questions are put at starting. Simple, to get the best out of you & to make you nervous so that you surrender in front of the exam without even giving a tough fight. This makes their work easy. So, don't get stuck on a no-ball as it may destroy your complete match. In other words, no-balls can leave you hapless & can get you failed. So, recognize them well. Move to the questions that are easy but are hidden from you.
Third & the worst mistake on India's part was their anti-climactic attitude that led to their defeat. Their body language in Champions Trophy sans the final was superb but they proved to be sloppy in the crucial match. They didn't learn from their mistakes as mentioned in the previous article. They were inconsistent on the field with the bowl by conceding a lot of extras & by being sloppy in fielding department. So, this is an important lesson for all the aspirants to leave no stone unturned in their preparation. When you give STs, try to rectify your mistakes & weak portions while analysing it. Had the Indian team worked a little on those extras they could have stopped Pakistan much earlier. Discipline is what's needed to win big games. And this holds true not only for the India Team but also for all of you. Discipline is the key to win wrestling fights, to scale Mt. Everest, to win big finals & even to reach in there, to win big in life & to get selection in any government exams. So, champs better be on your toes & better be running as the race is hard & there is a huge crowd running with you. Now, it's all inside you that you need to beat them. The point is, when & how you awaken the Champion hidden inside you.
PS: Though it was a defeat that was hard on us but we should never forget those uncountable ecstatic moments that our team has given us in the past on numerous occasions. Starting from Kapil Dev lifting his trophy in 1983 WC to the present day we have seen occasion where our Men In Blue have given us moments to cherish for our lifetime. We still back our team & no matter what but India is the best & this defeat does not change our equation.

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