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How to reach Meerut Institute of Technology ,NH-58, BARAL Partapur, bypass road, meerut, up-250103

Hello Friends Today i will tell you about a exam center- MIT Meerut NH-58, BARAL Partapur, bypass road, meerut, up-250103 So without wasting time lets start the route process:  Exam centre is located towards bypass road meerut, so if you are from meerut then you have to come outside of meerut towards modinagar.  But i will be telling you the path from Delhi.  1. If you are from Delhi, then you should reach Anand Vihar Metro station/Railway Station/Bus Stand.  2. After coming out of Anand Vihar metro station, just cross the road and come to  Kaushambi Bus stand (you can easily reach by help of locals or google maps).  3. Due to unavailability of other resources, currently bus route from Kaushambi to Meerut will suit all aspirants to reach exam centre (may be in future metro route will be available)  4. Bus will directly drop you on the gate of exam centre, so just tell conductor to inform you before reaching there or you can take help of Google map to keep track of the route


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