What are sad facts of life

  1. Girls like the Bad Boys

Yes, if you think that girls like the nice guys, the too much caring guys, the guys who are always available for them, then you are so much wrong.

Now, the thing is that, bad boys have a certain vibe about them that the girls are attracted to, this does not mean that they like the wrong things that these guys do, but rather, they love the energy these guys have.

Energy of Power, dominance, confidence, certainty.

2. Nobody Cares about your problems

If you think that by sharing your hardships with the world, people will understand you or do something for you, then my friend you are highly mistaken.

Literally, nobody except your parents, care about you or your problems, and some actually use your problems against you.

Only you can solve your own problems, don’t seek the help of outside world.

3. You’ll face deep pain

Nobody can truly grow as an individual without suffering most devastating pain.

It can be a bad break up, trauma, loss of closed ones, business failure, or anything.

But the reality is that, this pain can actually help you become the strongest version of yourself, however its not an easy thing to do.

It takes patience, faith and self belief only then things change, and life again feels good.

4. No relationship lasts Forever

Yes, every good thing has to come to an end, no matter how amazing your relationship is, no matter what promises you have made to each other, nothing is permanent.

And this actually helps to cherish what we have now.

5. Smart work will Always beat Hard work

No matter how hard you work or hustle, if its not smart efforts then everything will go waste.

You gotta give direction to your efforts, other wise you’ll keep working hard and end up nowhere.

6. Life is unfair

Life will rarely work they way you want it to. And thus it rarely brings us the joy the way we want to experience.

However, we gotta understand that, when we let go of our attachment, and accept what life has to bring on to us, then life actually becomes meaningful and fun.

Source : Vishal Jain (Quora)

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