What are the top rules of your life?

  • I never ever, ever talk about my love life amongst my friends, parents or in public. For example - I was in a relationship with a girl for the past 3 months. No one in my family or my closest friend got to know about that. It’s still and will be a secret for them.
  • I’ve stopped giving free advice to any person around me. Before a certain time, i was the kind of a person who usually gave free advice to anyone but now i’ve vehemently discontinued it and believe me guys, it keeps you way too much calm.
  • I am a Gym freak but i never ever go to the gym without the proper outfit and my sipper bottle. Gym and exercise requires discipline and determination. Every little thing counts when you’re on the journey to improve yourself than yesterday.

  • I am a big CINEPHILE. I watch movies and TV shows every weekend and sometimes in weekdays. It’s just a way to keep myself focused and calm, to keep my mind on a right track.

  • I always greet everyone who is an acquaintance of mine whether he/she can help me or not. I am a respectful person. I believe in the ideology of mutual respect. I always try to be kind with everyone.
  • I am an extrovert when it comes to connect with people. I always find a ground level of understanding when i converse with a stranger.
  • I refrain from using my phone when outside . It really helps me to connect better with the world and also reduces the risk of becoming a smartphone junkie.

  • I’ve been eating the same breakfast with little changes for the past 2 years. For breakfast, i eat oatmeal in which i add almonds, raisins, pure honey, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, peanut butter and sometimes a banana. It is a great breakfast option for staying healthy and fit in a long run.

  • I follow one particular idol in every field in which i’ve an inclination towards. For example, for fashion and lifestyle, i follow ALEX COSTA (Alex Costa). For fitness and bodybuilding, i follow GURU MANN (Guru Mann Fitness) .For acting, i follow DANIEL DAY LEWIS. For speaking skills, i follow SHASHI THAROOR. They’ve helped me a lot for the past few years.

So, these are top rules of my life which i swear by. These can be beneficial to you as well.
Source :Rishu Bharadwaj

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