What should you never try in life?

  1. Never please anyone.
  2. Never make a video when you are nude or doing sex or face the consequences.
  3. Never ignore your married partner on bed. This the biggest sin. Never do that, if you are not interested just get out of their life. This may also lead to affairs.
  4. Never be partial or biased towards children. Shut the fuck up and treat all the kids equally, Don't love them based on their marks, looks etc just love them equally. Else any one of the kids may have inferior which will affect them all their life.
  5. Never stop saving money! No one gives a shit about you and your problems are meaningless to other people.
  6. Never stalk your Ex! Trust me its the most shitty thing to do and by doing this you're giving more power to them. Your Ex doesn't deserve a single second in your life.
  7. Never judge a girl by her virginity! Her past is none of your business. If you are not interested just fuck off, let her have a better bf/ husband.
  8. Never beat up your wife !! She is not some punching bag for you. When you are a cat in front of your boss and in the streets, why do take out all your frustrations on that poor thing? Be a cat at the home too.
  9. Never leave your mom in streets or old age homes. Take care of them with love and tell your new family ( wife/husband ) to shut the fuck up and look after them.
  10. Never insult or body shame anyone. Never insult a person by his / her looks. If you are beautiful or handsome doesn't mean you are great and if you think you can insult anyone, you are just a piece of shit.
  11. Never beat kids!!. This is to parents who beat their children. Bastards have some humanity on kids.
  12. Never ever commit suicide! Let the world hate you( which is not possible ) but don't die. You are here to live happily, forget about your success, failures, achievements, love, parents and so-called friends all will leave you one day. So just live for yourself and be happy.

Thanks for reading.

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