What are 20 things that are not worth it?

Here are some pointers to help you succeed in life. Avoid these things to live a joyful life.

These are some of the Things that are not worth it.

What are 20 things that are not worth it

1.Chasing Girls.

 It might seem pleasurable during your teens and early 20s but trust me, you'll regret later.

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2. Smoking.

 It only brings a temporary pleasure but the ill-effects will hurt you in the long run.

3. Drinking.

Alcohol is known to destroy lives and families. The temporary pleasure it gives is not worth the pain it gives later on.

4. Doing Drugs. 

The fact that this is illegal is reason enough that one shouldn't do it. These take a toll on your body in the long run and destroys you.

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5. Putting those extra hours in office.

No person on their death bed has wished to have spent more time at office. Spend more time with your friends and family.

6. Being in a toxic relationship. 

There's no point in dragging a relationship where the other person hardly puts any effort. Save your time, efforts, dignity and walk away.

7. Worrying about things not under your control.

Why worry about things that you cannot control in life? Will your worrying solve the problem? If its under your control, try to fix it.. if not, why worry and degrade your mental health?

8. Crying over Spilt Milk.

What's the point of regretting something after it has occurred? When something goes wrong, instead of regretting it, try to ammend it.

9. Having superstitious beliefs.

I don't want to mock any religion or hurt anybody's sentiments but I think the money will be spent wisely if you donate it to an orphanage or to the poor rather than giving it to the places of worship. There's no point wasting milk and other food in the temples which ends up in the drain. Instead feed the poor, you will get their blessings.

10. Show off.

Its very childish to show off. Nobody cares if you are rich or filthy rich. People find it disrespectful when you show off shamelessly in front of them. You wouldn't gain anything but might end up losing a few people from your life.

11. Worshipping celebrities.

You should know that they are mere human beings who are working for their daily bread. There is no point elevating them to such a status that you start worshipping them. These people are something on the big screens and do something else in real life. With the recent events occurring in Bollywood, one gets to see a clearer picture

12. Lavish Weddings. 

Whom are you impressing? What's the point in showing off? Marriage signifies the union of two hearts, two families and let it stay that way. There is no point in spending tonnes of money on thankless relatives who would ultimately point out only the shortcomings of the wedding function.

13. Arguing at petty stuffs.

If something goes wrong, will arguing solve it? Absolutely not. It instead creates a gap between people and they tend to avoid each other. Instead try to sit down, discuss about it and work things out. Talking solves a lot of problems.

14. Doing engineering from any random college.

 This is the latest fad among Indian kids fresh out of school to pursue engineering. With the increase in the number of engineering colleges, this trend is on an ever increasing curve. However one should understand that there's no point pursuing the degree from a below average college where you won't even get placed. If you wish to do engineering, do it from a good, reputed college or else there are other career options as well. But spending money for four years and not getting a job and again wasting money by sitting jobless at home is not worth the four years spent.

15. iPhones. 

Half of the people buy an iPhone to show off. When an Android phone can bring you the same features at three times lesser price, why buy something just to show off and not even receiving half of the features that Android provides? Those mirror selfies showing Apple logo are not worth the money invested.

16. Cake facials on birthday. 

Half of the world population are unable to afford food even once daily. Stop wasting food. If you buy a cake, eat it. Don't waste it by putting it on people's face. Use something non edible stuff if you have to celebrate foolishly but don't waste food for the sake of having fun.

17. Online Dating.

Online Dating is really useless. I think love is something that should find you, you shouldn't be hunting for it or be desperate about it. Using these dating apps is the height of desperation since you are ready to date somebody you know nothing about and haven't met in person. Call me old fashioned but I am strictly against the definition of online dating using such apps and the concept of love among the current generation.

18. Starving to lose weight.

Starving is the last thing one should do. It has adverse effects on your body and sometimes the body senses a lack of food intake and hence burns your fat in a restricted manner. So ultimately your fat doesn't burn and the point of starving is nullified.

19. Picking fights with parents.

We don't realize the importance of people in our lives until we lose them. The reason your parents scold you is because they want the best for you and prevents you from walking into a wrong path. Don't fight with your parents. If you feel they are wrong about something, explain it to them politely.

20. Bargaining from street vendors.

You are okay to buy at MRP from supermarkets but bargain for five rupees from street vendors. Remember that they are poor and yet they choose to earn honestly. Appreciate that and help them by buying their stuffs at the price they quote. Do not argue over 5–10 rupees. It doesn't matter much to you actually but it might fetch them an one time meal with that money.

Let's try improving ourselves and lead a happier, healthier life and improve the way of living for the people around us by being a role model for them.

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