Read about the Khirkee incident:

From Aastha Chauhan - " As you have read/ heard there has been some sting ing in khirkee. Before the time bound judicial probe ordered by the LG is filed, there are a few facts that need to be cleared. And we need help..

One, the RWA responsible for setting up the surveillance cameras and vigilante groups in khirkee and supporting Mr. Bharti only came into existence a year ago. The reason they got their act together was to tackle the “African menace”. The gentleman at the helm of the RWA (SL Gangia) was with the BJP, then the Congress and now with the moral high ground of AAP. I asked him at the thana what kind of a lota he was…. He was not sure what I was talking about.

Two, Vijay Pal, the SHO at the Malviya Nagat thana listed these complaints he has received against the African residents

they play loud music and make a lot of noise
their women wear shorts and baniyaan, our daughters will also start wearing shorts
their food smells awful
they smoke marijuana
they are prostitutes, we have no evidence to prove this, but we did sting operation.
They have live-in partners
If they are in India, they must follow our culture. Why they have to be so “African”
One gentleman wants the Africans out because he recently got married and his wife does not like the hood teeming with black people. (give us white anyday)
We don’t want them.

Three, I had written a letter to the DGP Bhimsen Bassi before the elections, drawing his attention to the breakdown of law and order in Khrikee. I had requested the Delhi police to be a little more sensitive and understanding towards the complaints filed by the African nationals against the local residents who beat up their women and children. Guess what? My application was actually being taken seriously. The local thana had started making an effort to listen to the complaints and find solutions. There was no reason for Mr. Bharti to skip the logical democratic sarkari letter writing process to address whatever issues he and his toli of xenophobes had. I have a copy of the letter and the response from the DGP office.

Four, Vijay Pal (SHO) may have to resign or be posted out if the AAP tamasha continues. According to him he did the correct thing by protecting the rights of the residents of his jurisdiction. “how can I arrest someone for wearing shorts and being culturally different from us?”

Five, for those of you who do not know Gambhir aka Aditya Kaushik,.. Gambhir is a local landlord and rents his house to Ugandan women. He makes sure all their paperwork is in place and often doubles up as their bodyguard to protect them from the local hooliganism. Mr. Bharti wanted his house raided too, because “someone said there is DRUGS and PROSTITUTION happening in his house”.

With support from the MLA the local mob is feeling empowered and we are afraid can prove to be a threat to the Africans and the handful of locals who are supporting them. .!