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“Surgical Strike”, “Great,” “Masterstroke,” “Historical”  echoed commentators, think tanks, rating agencies and the public at large, when in late evening of 8th November, 2016 the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Rs500  and Rs1,000 currency notes would no longer be recognized legally as currency.  The Prime Minister narrated that the move complements the country’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. “For years, this country has felt that corruption, black money and terrorism are festering sores, holding us back in the race towards development.” “To break the grip of corruption and black money, we have decided that these currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight.” Added Finance Minister Arun Jaitley:  “The goal of this is to clean transactions, to clean money.”  Question is whether this masterstroke is “masterful” enough. Will November 8, 2016, be remembered as grand event in the history of India or will it be just another passing event?  Is the weapon

#AIBKnockout - Shit show with shit mentality

Just a MESSAGE- Yesterday I saw #AIBknockout trending on micro-blogging website twitter. I was aware that #AIB is All India Backchod channel but what the hell is this #Knockout means ??? So I checked up in the twitter and found a video of about 55 minutes and what I saw in that video : Abusive language. Celebrities like Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor using cheap and abusive words. A bunch of celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Anurag Kashyap, Sanjay Kapoor etc. are laughing on abusive jokes and language. Perverts acting like a big star or celebrity: Some of idiots of All India Bakchod channel are introducing them like what a big thing they were doing that day. Totally idiot and opposite to the ancient culture of India. You people- If you get a media like Youtube to use some abusive language like- mad****, b*** and whatever it is. PLEASE USE IT IN YOUR HOME :/ You always show middle finger to the people who hates your videos but

Healthy Children make your home joyful and living

Hello Friends, Today I am posting about the values of children in a house/home.Its no value if you have huge amount of money in your bank account but if you don't have children or little companions then your life will always be miss with happiness and joy. I am not married but I can feel that thing when my parents call me whenever i go anywhere.I know that its not the boundations but the love and worry they feel about us. Friends, this happens to all whether you are a boy/girl , parents are not going to end those questions about your life's problems and everything.They are real care-takers of your life than anyone.

Is Narendra Modi really caring for india or its just a "FEKU" drama

Hello Friends, 2 months back!!!! "Abki Baar modi Sarkaar" "BJP ko lao , Modi ko Jitao" Now all the advertisements are over and Narendra Modi is now the Prime Minister of India. But after getting PM post, the inflation rate is again rising and cabinet minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is saying that its all due to hoarding in the market. But i want to ask that if you have to say all these things and then whats the difference between you and Congress as they were saying same lines when they were in government. In Lok sabha, where PM Narendra Modi was telling his agendas for working in next 100 days, his first prior agenda was : Agenda 1: We will control the Inflation rate and drop the price of food materials and other important household things What actually happening: Inflation rate(%) is ricing from 5.91 to 6.45 (Today's date) and prices are increasing of food materials Agenda 2 : We provide governance not government.

What are the factors responsible for Narendra Modi's victory in 2014 elections

Hello Friends, On 16th May 2014, what happened in India ? Off-course 2014 elections results were out but what happened unique in the history of Indian Politics. Yes 2014 election was only 1 man show of BJP's PM candidate Narendra modi. BJP won 282 seats single handly in whole India with surpassing the magic number (272 seats) for making a stable government in India. But here a question arises how could all this happen for BJP as they have got the biggest victory of their whole political journey. There might be some reasons behind that : 1. Strong PM candidate : Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat and suddenly he became the most popular personality of BJP over some well reputed leaders like Lal krishna Advani, Sushma Swaraj,Jaswant Singh, Murli Manohar Joshi etc.BJP chief Rajnath singh elected Modi as Prime minister candidate and after that "Lahar of Modi" was started in India. 2. Weak Governess of Congress : The past governme

Why Students are studying hard in India ?

Hello Friends, Today i am gonna talk about another proud issue for our country India that is our education. We all know how populated our country is and how much intelligent and hard working people of our country are but there are some reasons also for that hard work. These below points can be reason of India's hard work : 1 .Studying for survival : Thats the truth of our education system, here degree more matters than a actual performing talent. If you have degree of higher education then you may have chance to get good pay scale in India. In India, parents used to say to their children-"Kids, study high otherwise you will  not get a good job." These lines are very much truth as they already know the present condition of India and according to that they always motivate or sometimes taunt them for more higher studies. In India, there is less culture of motivating kids to their internal hobbies like sports,music and other outdoor adventurous

Why Family is the biggest happiness in the world

Hello friends, We live in 21st century where competition has reached at that level where nobody cares for you. The other people will look like that they are helping ,but eventually you notice that they are just doing time pass with you and want to spend their leisure time with you. At that time when you reached your home after facing your on or off day outside, you came to realize that your family specially your parents are the one who really care for your till their lives. Friends, happiness is not always present outside because it can be unfaithful  and you can't read the mind of others, what are they thinking about you or they take your voice seriously or not.Sometimes you came to realize that other buddy is making fun of your voice or using your secret for his work. So before telling everything about any sort of thing to your close friend/any other, you can consult it with your any close family member or parents because they are the one who will really take pa

Always live for your health because health is wealth

Hello my name is Allstar, HR professional and business student. One of my passions is the study of human dynamics and relationships in the workplace. In this series "Live for your health! not your ego" we will delve into what it means to live for your...

Mulayam Singh defends Rapists for getting muslim votes-dirty politics

Hello Friends, Yesterday, a well known Indian politician Mulayam Singh defends rapists of "Shakti mill" case where 3 accuse are from Muslim community. He said in his political rally in Hindi that - "Bechare teeno ladko ko faansi ho jayegi, ladke hai galati ho jaati hai,agar hamari sarkaar aayegi to hum bill me badlaaw layenge" Means- "Mercy, three young boys will be hanged :(  ,  Boys will be boys , mistakes can be happened by boys.If they come in governance,then they will change the bill of rape" I don't know why such type of comment came from a politician. We all know Mulayam singh yadav and his language skills but this is totally ridiculous as he is encouraging rapers to do more more rapes in the future.Here he was defending those boys because out of those accuses ,2-3 persons are from Muslim community and he just wanted to grab the Muslim votes in the upcoming elections. But he forgot that now media is also focusing on t

Why Yuvraj singh is blamed for India's defeat in ICC T20 final 2014 ?

Hello friends, As a true indian fan, i was very disappointed to see the defeat of Indian cricket team in T20 world cup final. Indian cricket team was playing like a true champion in whole tournament by winning all the league matches but lost in final against Sri lanka.Many of the cricket generalists were flately saying that Sri lanka didn't win the match but India lost this match. After analysing whole match,indian team was definitely 30 runs short in final.At one stage score was 111/2 in 16 overs and virat kohli was playing superbally but at the other end Yuvraj singh was very struggling to just touch the ball.It was yuvraj singh's contribution that in the crucial situation,he scored just 11 runs in 21 balls with 10 dot balls. There are some reasons for india's lose: 1.Slow start in powerplay as it was looked like that Indian team was taking lightly Sri lankan bowling attack. 2.Not sending in form Suresh Raina. 3.Suicidal performance of Yuvraj Singh. 4.Fa

Truth: Asian countries always do well in World Cup tournaments of ICC

Hello friends, Today i wanna put a cricketing thought in my mind that Asian countries like India, Sri lanka, Pakistan always do well in World cup tournaments whether it is T20 or 50 over. These are only three brilliant teams of Asia in cricket and other brilliant teams are Australia, New Zealand, England, West indies, South Africa. But in comparison of these 5 teams, there are always presence of Asian team in semis or final. We can look at previous 20 years record that in most of the situation,the finalist were asian countries and thats look so surprising. In T20 also,most of finalist teams were Asian countries. So its become fact that whatever will be the past performance of any asian team, but they always do well in big tournaments. There might be some reasons behind that : 1.Experience of playing big tournaments till semis and finals. 2.Quality spin attack. 3.Don't lose their hopes like chokers. 4.Quality batsmen.

Why comedy nights with kapil is the best comedy talk show ?

Hello friends, If you are an Indian or know Hindi language,then you know what is "Comedy nights with kapil" and why it is famous in all around the world. For detailed info you can check here . As we all know how this show got a tremendous opening in terms of TRP in its opening year and now everyone in India just a true fan of Kapil sharma .We all know kapil sharma in his previous shows like comedy circus,laughter challenge etc. but after CNWK, kapil got stardom within some months and now he is getting offers as an actor in bollywood movies. These kinds of various offers are part of every successful person but we have to think that why his show "Comedy nights with kapil" got big sucess as compared to other shows or his previous comedy shows. In my opinion,there are several reasons behind it : 1. No Judgement,Only kapil : This is the solid reason of success of this show as we all know Kapil is the master of comedy and when he does it for a

Is entrance of Arvind kejriwal making elections more competitive for all parties ?

Hello Friends, Today i will talk about upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the game plans of dirty dirty politics. I am calling politics dirty as you all know-So no explanation :p But my focus was on Mr.Arvind kejriwal who is famous for blaming the other politician in a very powerful and statistically way.Every time he went for any Rally,then there he had enough data to blame regional leader and feel him/her naked.His way of talking is quite similar like an pest resistant worker who knows the amount of pests in a gutter.But during this cleaning,he should also ensure that he can also get some kind of shits of that gutter. But that is also a truth that this time the elections are more competitive as BJP,congress,third front and arvind kejriwal,all are making their effoerts to get huge number of seats. Kejriwal is in full form after quitting Delhi's public in middle.He accepted the CM chair of Delhi after asking public but resigned without asking anyone. Now the corrupt

A simple theory of Politics in India

Hello friends, After long time i have some time for our Politics :P . From past two months in India everybody is watching the drama of Indian politics. Everyone is claiming that they are the best in the World. Even i am very much appreciating Congress because they have guts to promote themselves after so much of corruption & scams in previous 10 years. Their promotions show that there are shameless people still existing in the world. Second big party is BJP who is totally dependent on Narendra Modi and even they are begging for votes for various unknown candidates in name of NAMO ,for example-" Bhaiyya agar congress se chutkara pana hai to vote sirf narendra modi ko hi dena".But i think BJP will get votes for bad deeds of Congress. Some other political parties like AAP,BSP and third front in the country just want to explore in the country due to past bad deeds of Congress and BJP in the upcoing elections. Even AAP which is just 1 and half

Who is Rakhi Sawant to blame Arvind kejriwal :/

Hello friends, Today i have seen the interview of one of our low grade Nachaniya ( item girl ) Rakhi Sawant on Delhi chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. She was criticizing Kejriwal for his recent road show in Delhi and telling a slogan in a very cheap manner-"Apna kaam banta bhaad me jaaye janta" about Kejriwal. But before asking kejriwal such type of questions, just look at your career because i don't think you have anything except some cheap songs,movies and drama scandals. You always do such type of work for getting attention/publicity but i don't think you hardly have any chances in any field except some vulgarity events/shows and you always fit there.Even you are now insulted for your scandals on National tv channels also LOL. Here is that interview : You are just a drama queen,nothing else. And who are you to say such things about Mr.Kejriwal.First of all, i will tell you please read his full encyclopedia at HERE an

Why some indians don't want to grow up ?

Hello Friends, Recently a news has come from West Bengal, India that a 20 years old girl was gang raped by Panchayat orders.The girl got this punishment because she loved a boy of different community. And you will be shocked to hear that some of senior members of girl's community ordered 12-13 men to rape that girl whole night, that is totally disgusting work by these half minded old people.Parents of that girl filed FIR against those men and lover of that girl,according to police. But my focus is on this that-"Why all this shit can happen in 21st century or how it can be possible ?" Recently i have read many orders by these khaap panchayats in newspaper where they ordered rape victim girl to marry accused etc. But i just want to ask those people :  1. If you can't do anything for girl's protection,then who give you the right to hand over the protection of a victim girl to same man who has already sexually abused her. 2.If a man

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