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Different type of car bodies 🚘

Hello guys Today we found another good pic for all auto lovers who are starting from scratch. Watch and learn from it

How do you extend the life span of car tires? 🚗

The tyres are considered consumable components which wear out as per the usage. However, there are certain conditions which make tyre wear faster. Any force of tyres which is additional to pure rolling forces make them wear faster. Sudden acceleration and braking, frequent sharp cornering, driving on winding roads and in hilly areas are some of the reasons which accelerate the rate of tyre wear. If the wheel alignment gets out of specification, inflation pressure is too high or too low, tyres are out of balance or the wear rate is aggravated. To extend the life span of tyres, it is important to drive properly as well as regularly maintain the tyres and the vehicle. Key maintenance of tyres are maintaining correct inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tyre rotation and wheel balancing. Inflation Pressure- Inflation pressure plays an important role in tyre performance including impact on tyre wear. Always maintain inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Low tyre pressu

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