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Account Transfer in RINB in State Bank of India

Customer can transfer their SB Account from one branch to another branch without visiting the branch.  After logging in to follow the below steps Click on e-services>select transfer of savings account>Enter the branch code you wish to transfer the account>Accept terms & conditions and submit> Enter the OTP to the registered mobile number And You are Done Thanx for Reading Good Day ☀

Why are SBI Bank's employees popular for their lunch break?

The employees seating in the front counter of any bank hardly get any break apart from the half an hour lunch break. On comparision a lot of state govt employees start their work at 11am after newspaper/tea break after coming to office. Some of them also go on lunch breaks to home for hours. Imagaine yourself in a situation when you have to interact with varieties of people from 10 am to 5 pm amid taking uttermost care while counting notes and getting only half an hour break. Any normal people will get irritated if he/she does this nonsence uttering with few stupid customers for 30/35 years. SBI employees along with all other banks staff are working very hard(even upto 8pm) to keep your money safe. Hence, stop mocking the bankers. If you have problem with them, get your loan from your local jamindaar or local money lender which has no regulation.

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