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What are the new methods of cyber fraud in the world of finance?

Today India's largest public sector bank has published some guidelines for internet frauds  and it is worth to share for our visitors too: ""Cyber-crimes are rampant In the financial world today. The digital mode of banking is used by people in every nook and corner of our country. While technology has empowered us significantly, it also reminds us of the old adage– “ With great power come great responsibilities. ” Search Engine (e.g. Google) – a new tool for fraudsters One of the key tools for the fraudsters these days is the “Search Engine.” This utility has become an essential part of our lives. Many of us do not think twice before reposing our total faith on the information provided by these search engines. Google allows users to edit contact details of any establishment such as Banks on Google map and Google search to make their services more useful for users. However, this facility is misused by cyber fraudsters . They change the contact details and related informat

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