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Top 15- Most fuel efficient cars in India

Hello Friends, Whenever we plan to buy a car then we think about that my car will be the most desired one among others. After that we buy a car but we come to realize that our car's look is top class but its low grade efficiency make you worried about your budget as its petrol/diesel cost is pinning up your butts. I have read an article Times of India and came to conclusion about 15 most fuel efficient cars which will save your budget by covering more distance than others. Here is list of 15 most fuel efficient cars in India: 1. Honda Car [city]  Fuel Type: Diesel Mileage : 26 kmpl 2. Honda Car [Amaze] Fuel Type : Diesel  Mileage : 25.8 kmpl 3. Chevrolet Beat  Fuel Type : Diesel  Mileage : 25.4 kmpl 4. Indigo eCS Fuel Type : Diesel  Mileage : 25.4 kmpl 5. Nano BSIV Fuel Type : Gasoline Mileage : 25.4 kmpl 6. Indigo XL Fuel Type : Diesel  Mileage : 25.2 kmpl 7. Indigo Fuel Type : Diesel  Mil

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