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Why do all south going Rajdhani Express departs from Nizamuddin instead of the new Delhi railway station?

In Delhi, there are 5 main railway stations. They are :- New Delhi (NDLS). Old Delhi Junction (DLI). Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE). Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM). Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT). All these 5 main railway stations in Delhi are made as per the routes for different cities in India like trains halting, originating and terminating at New Delhi railway goes to every routes of Indian Railways i.e. Kanpur, Jhansi, Kota, Jaipur, Ludhiana etc. Similarly, trains originating and terminating at Anand Vihar Terminal goes towards North East side and eastern part of India via Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Trains going towards Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Bikaner etc goes from Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station and trains going towards Central India and Southern India cities like Bhopal, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai etc goes from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. Hence, in this way the train travel routes are made for different cities. In Indian Railways, there are currently 2

How to Reach Delhi International School Dwarka Sector 23, Delhi 🏫

Hello Friends Today I will tell you the path of Delhi international school situated in Dwarka Sector-23, near adjoining dwarka sector-23 Police station, Delhi-110075. So the path direction is as follows: 1. The common metro station is Dwarka sector-9, so if you are from Delhi then you have to pick blue line metro towards Dwarka sector-21 and if you are from outside Delhi, then first you have to reach Delhi first then read the first point again. 2. After reaching at the exit of Dwarka Sector -9 metro station, there will three mode of public vehicle service : a) E-Riksha - 10 Rs/- Fare b) Riksha - 20 Rs/- Fare c) Auto - 30 Rs/- Fare 3. Pick any of above vehicle and reach your destination- Delhi International School, Dwarka. I hope it will help  Thanks for reading and share atleast once.

First Smog Tower inauguration by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi- 23 August 2021

In a recent advancement in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal added Smog Tower to combat high pollution in Delhi. The first smog tower is inaugurated by CM Arvind Kejriwal on 23rd August 2021 in Connaught Place, Delhi. In Briefing CM said " Congratulations Delhi. In the war against pollution, the country's first smog tower was started in Delhi. This smog tower made of American technology will reduce the amount of pollution in the air. If the results of this project started on pilot basis are better then more such smog towers will be installed all over Delhi " . It's a very good initiative by any government, hopefully other goverments will also amend this.

Images of Dangerous Smog of Delhi on 5 November 2016

Hello friends  What Delhi saw today was totally shocking as whole Delhi was covered by dangerous smog. It is very dangerous condition for Delhi because each corner of Delhi was recorded above 500 PM. People were suffering from different kind of respiratory and irritation problems. I don't know what to say but i can show the images of today's smog to lighten up this disastrous condition of Delhi. I just want to say to the government to take immediate and strict action to make Delhi livable. Thanks I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

Map of Delhi Metro

For all metro users, Here is your current metro map

Talk To AK

After "Mann Ki Baat" of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has started an initiative known as "TalktoAk". Ak stands for Arvind Kejriwal. The website url is : www.talktoak .com Show has already been aired his first version on 17th July 2016. Since Mr. Kejriwal has announced this new initiative, BJP leaders are saying this as copycat of Prime minister's show and making fun of Kejriwal. But we can say it as good method to get interact with Delhi People because it is not one way traffic like Modi does in his programme. People can talk to their chief minister and tell their queries or suggestions directly. It's a totally new concept of mutual interaction between a chief minister and his local people. We can say it is as copied version of Anil Kapoor's movie "Nayak" but not of Modi's show. Whatever other political parties say but it can be helpful for people. Political Parties are made to talk against each oth

How to reach ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ1 & IDZ2, Mathura road, Near Sarita Vihar

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about the path of exam centre - " ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ 2 MATHURA ROAD A 27 MOHAN CO­OP INDU. ESTATE NEAR SARITA VIHAR, DELHI 110044". First of all it is easy to reach there as metro station is near the exam centre.  Nearest metro station to exam centre is Mohan Estate . The common path is from Mandi House to Mohan Estate. It will take around 36 minutes to reach there from Mandi House. After reaching Mohan Estate , move to your left hand side and take a walking distance of around 5-7 minutes. Just follow the path till pillar numbers 294, 293, 292. Both exam centres IDZ2 and IDZ1 come along the way with 2 consecutive cuts (IDZ2 at first cut and IDZ1 at second cut) on the left hand side. I hope it will help you BEST OF LUCK  I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

How to reach Ion Digital Zone, Idz1/2, Nangli Poona, Delhi-110036

Hello Friends, It's always been adventure to find new place but sometimes it could be so frustrating too for people who are not aware about this place.  Nangli Poona is small village outside the crowd of busy Delhi and Some exams like RRB conducts its test in Ion Digital zone, idz1/2 near nangli. So I am telling common path which will be helpful to you reach this place.

How Arvind Kejriwal is coming out to be a big liar for Delhi People

Hello Before starting this post, i want to tell you that i am not supporter of any political party . Proof :  Reasons behind Arvind Kejriwal win in Delhi elections 2015 Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started his journey with #AnnaHazare Aandolan as a supporter for Lokpal bill. After many #Dharnas , he came to conclusion that, to improve politics, one has to come in politics.

Why Modi Government is pre-retiring the government employees ?

Hello Friends Recently I have read the Indian government decision about "1 Rank 1 Pension" for armed services, the decision was widely accepted. But recently I have heard a news in Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) that government will limit the service years to 33 years with no pension means if employee got the government job at the age of 20, then he/she will be retired by the age 53 not at the age of 60 and getting all money at one time. This decision can be a way for new upcoming protest in Delhi because the employee who are still able to work and contribute in government services can come to road to protest against this decision. Apart from that, the decision about "No Pension Scheme" for government employees is utter nonsense because you can't imagine the death date of a person.

Reasons behind Arvind Kejriwal win in Delhi elections 2015

10 February 2015 This was the date when the results of Delhi elections were out but what happened in the result was totally surprising for the all political parties and people too. Because a new revolutionary political party Aam Aadmi Party won 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi Elections. Everybody knew that AAP would win the elections but nobody expected that the victory would come like that.  Winning Moment But now results are out and Kejriwal is the new chief minister of Delhi. Now the thing matters here is-What are reasons that lead to victory of AAP in such way :

Shocking Video- Tiger Killed schoolboy in Zoo

Tiger killed this boy Recently a shocking video came from the Delhi Zoo that a schoolboy was killed by an adult tiger. The video is too terrible that tiger was mauling him for long time but nobody came to his help early.The people were whispering and taking snapshots and video of whole incident but nobody dares to do anything for that 17 year lad. Now this boy is dead but its again signified that how much the people are irresponsible and mentally sick. Here is that video clip of that horrifying moment

How to download movies,games,software from torrent website

Hello Friends, Most of you are aware about torrent and its value. But actually not!!!! I have seen many people don't know about the torrent and if they know then they don't know its function.They pretend "torrent" as very complex term and don't want to know about it.

Blogging is not a game of Child

Hello Friends Today i will talk about blogging and its related circumstances. Friends, whenever we see the blogs or website of others then think we can also do it.Sometimes in hurry we make a blog and write 3 or 4 posts instantly about any particular topic or niche. But then we see our stats of page views. You see- 15 Page views in 1 week. You definitely gonna shock to see that and after that you think that i should write for at least 1 month and then i will see the stats. After 1 Month

भारत अकड सरकार आपकी सेवा मे हमेशा Ready

नमस्कार दोस्तो !! आज की Hindi Post उन आलसियो के लिए है जो नरेंद्र मोदी के "अच्छे दिनो के भागीदार होने का दावा करते है. जी हाँ आप सही सोच रहे है, आज मै बात कर रहा हू ,आपके अपने सरकारी मुलाजिमो की जो उम्र बढ़ने के साथ-साथ और अकड़ते जा रहे है, पर हैरानी कि बात ये है यह अकड़ पूरे साल भर रह्ती है, सर्दी हो या गर्मी , बारीश हो या धूप, हर समय आप इसका आनन्द ले सकते है. ये अकड़ हमे हर जगह मिल जायेगी, चाहे सरकारी Banks हो, स्कूल या कोलेज हो, सरकारी दफ्तर हो,पोलीस Station हो या कोई और सरकारी दफ्तर.

Movie of the month-Singham Returns Trailer

Hello Friends, Well, you all know about Singham movie , the journey of a non-corrupt police officer Bajirao Singham against a gangster Jaikant Shikre. Now there will be second edition of the movie named as Singham Returns on 15 August 2014.

Important and Emergency numbers of Delhi and India

EMERGENCY SERVICES Police 100 Fire 101 Ambulance 102 M/s Govt.of NCT of Delhi    (Deptt. of IT) 1031 Centralised Accident & Trauma  Services(CATS) 1099 M/s Govt.of NCT of Delhi for Chief Minister (Women Helpline ) 181 Eye Donation 1919 Child Helpline 1098 Women in Distress (Delhi Police)1091 ORBO C.N.Centre,AIIMS ( for donation of organs)1060 Ambulance Service of M/s Apollo Hospital1066 Control Room of Central Relief Commissioner(in the event of Natural Disaster)1070 Students' Helpline of Delhi Police1291 Helpline for women of   M/s All India Women's Conference10920 Time174 Hindi Vishesh177 VIP Complaints178 Central Control Room of MCD1266 Helpline of M/s Escorts Heart  Institute105010 Air India Express Service1412 Police Helpline1944 Automatic Change Number  Announcement (In Hindi)1951 Automatic Change Number  Announcement (In English)1952 Election Commission of India1950 Advice/Information on HIV/AIDS1097 NIB Helpde

All metro routes in Delhi

Hi friends today i am posting all routes of Delhi Metro issued by Delhi metro rail corporation limited.These are published as line wise. Total lines in metro- Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Violet Red line - Rithala Rohini west Rohini east Pitampura Kohat enclave Netaji subhash place Keshavpuram Kanheya Nagar Indralok Shastri Nagar Pratap Nagar Pul bangash Tees Hazari Kashmiri gate Shastri park Seelampur Welcome Shahdara Mansarovar park Jhilmil Dilshad Garden Yellow line - Jahangipuri Adarsh nagar Azadpur Model town G.T.B. Nagar Delhi University (North campus) Vidhan Sabha Civil lines Kashmiri gate Chandani chowk Chawdi bazar New Delhi Rajiv chowk Patel chowk Kendriya Sachivalya Udyog Bhawan Race Coarce Jor Bagh I.N.A AIIMS Green Park Hozkhaas Malviya Nagar Saket Kutub minar Chatarpur Sultanpur Ghitorni Arjangarh Guru Dronacharya Sikandarpur M.G.Road IF

Bawana Depot is the most stupid Depot in Delhi

Hi friends,           :Its real confession from heart: Today i wanna talk about a DTC bus depot-Bawana Depot.This place is totally ridiculous and i am promising myself that i will try not to go that hell place.I am criticizing that place after seeing the Bawana Depot and their lazy and rude workers.I have to go there for issuing DTC bus pass after some months but those people are totally stupids,idiots,arrogant (in Hindi totally chootiya). They do not understand the problem of anybody,they only just need money,beauty. If you are a boy,they will talk to you rudely and if you forget only one little thing ,then they flatly say "NO" and send him back without understanding any thing. If you are a girl,,the seniors workers/Old men/Buddhas talk very politely and patiently but here condition is that you should be very gorgeous and beautiful.But if you are not,then same thing will happen like boys. Those people are never looked like a government workers and they ar

Will late decision on Delhi rape case create fear in the minds of rapists ?

Hi friends, Recently Regional court of Delhi announced "Hang till death" decision for the rapists of 16 December 2012.Out of 6 rapists , 4 got above punishment,1 is juvenile and only got some years punishment and last one was dead in Tihar jail some months ago. Friends,this gangrape case totally changed the mindset of Indian population and people wanted just death for these rapists from the date when this rape happened.But after 10 months of long duration,these people got this punishment which is quite illogical.These people can still go to high court,supreme court and then to President for some concession.So there can be long way to go for actual/real punishment for these people.      Here my question arises "Will now any decision against these rapists give a good positive message to Indian people ?" Here my answer will be "No" because these people should be hanged within 2 or 3 months or less than that as that decision can also give some

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