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11 Leadership qualities of an Individual to become successful

Hello Friends, Here i am giving you 11 basic leadership qualities of a person. If you adopt this qualities then you can be a successful leader in your work.

How to download movies,games,software from torrent website

Hello Friends, Most of you are aware about torrent and its value. But actually not!!!! I have seen many people don't know about the torrent and if they know then they don't know its function.They pretend "torrent" as very complex term and don't want to know about it.

भारत अकड सरकार आपकी सेवा मे हमेशा Ready

नमस्कार दोस्तो !! आज की Hindi Post उन आलसियो के लिए है जो नरेंद्र मोदी के "अच्छे दिनो के भागीदार होने का दावा करते है. जी हाँ आप सही सोच रहे है, आज मै बात कर रहा हू ,आपके अपने सरकारी मुलाजिमो की जो उम्र बढ़ने के साथ-साथ और अकड़ते जा रहे है, पर हैरानी कि बात ये है यह अकड़ पूरे साल भर रह्ती है, सर्दी हो या गर्मी , बारीश हो या धूप, हर समय आप इसका आनन्द ले सकते है. ये अकड़ हमे हर जगह मिल जायेगी, चाहे सरकारी Banks हो, स्कूल या कोलेज हो, सरकारी दफ्तर हो,पोलीस Station हो या कोई और सरकारी दफ्तर.

Exclusive and cheerful pics of biotech department of Delhi technological University

Hello friends, Today i am posting the cheerful and hidden moments of Delhi technology university at the classes of biotechnology department. These pics are just for fun moments ,not for insulting any one's emotions . So don't mind it. MORE PICTURES WILL BE ADDED SOON....... THESE PICTURES ARE COPYRIGHTED IF FINDS ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THIS SITE WILL BE TAKEN AS A CRIME.

Bawana Depot is the most stupid Depot in Delhi

Hi friends,           :Its real confession from heart: Today i wanna talk about a DTC bus depot-Bawana Depot.This place is totally ridiculous and i am promising myself that i will try not to go that hell place.I am criticizing that place after seeing the Bawana Depot and their lazy and rude workers.I have to go there for issuing DTC bus pass after some months but those people are totally stupids,idiots,arrogant (in Hindi totally chootiya). They do not understand the problem of anybody,they only just need money,beauty. If you are a boy,they will talk to you rudely and if you forget only one little thing ,then they flatly say "NO" and send him back without understanding any thing. If you are a girl,,the seniors workers/Old men/Buddhas talk very politely and patiently but here condition is that you should be very gorgeous and beautiful.But if you are not,then same thing will happen like boys. Those people are never looked like a government workers and they ar

Total Number of Societies in Delhi Technological University

Friends, These are total no. of socities in DTU: • Technical Societies 1. IEEE 2. SIAM 3. MACS 4. IET 5. CSI 6. SCEE 7. SITE 8. DEPTH 9. SAE 10. IIIE 11. IMech 12. SESI (Solar Energy Society of India) 13. SEE(Society of Environmental Engineers) 14. Society Of Software Engineering (SSE) 15. American Society Of Mechanical Engineerin (ASME) 16. International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) 17. Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) 18. Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) 19. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 20. Centre For Mentorship and Counseling at DTU(CMC) • Teams:- 21. MINI BAJA 22. ASV 23. PAMI(About to be a society) 24. Google Developer Group 25. Astronomy Club 26. Quiz Club 27. DCE Coders/Programmers 28. Society Of Robotics 29. UGV 30. IGV 31. SUPRA 32. SUPERMILEAGA 33. SOLARIS 34. Solar Splash DTU, SSD 35. UAS 36. AUV 37. DEFIANZ 38. CANSAT 39. Lunar Robotics 40. DTU Times 41. DWD Team • Non Tech Societies:-

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