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28 July, 2016

Youtube Monetization Process Step By Step Guide

I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response.Thanks for reading :)

10 April, 2015

Make Money Blogging - Why Every Blogger Needs Their Own Ebook

As a blogger there are many things you can do to make money and the fact of the matter is bloggers are not taking advantage of what they have right in front of them. What most people don't understand is they need to have their own things as opposed to...

21 September, 2014

10 side business idea to create money and time

Post by AtContent

Side Business Ideas to Generate Money and Time!   Looking for some creative ways to increase your income and net worth? Well, these ideas might not get you rich quick, but they can defiantly help put some extra cash in your pocket.

14 August, 2014

How to earn money through Social networking websites

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another new way to earn money online through social networking websites like twitter,Facebook,YouTube,blog etc.

After hearing these, you will be thinking that how is it possible to make money by social networking platforms.

07 June, 2014

These deaths who continue to earn money

The money is not for the dead, and property do not belong to the person once she leaves this world. But in the cemetery exist many corpses continue to earn money. The richest man in the cemetery and continue to earn money  Forbes magazine has ranked...

04 June, 2014

Easy way to earn money by Survey Extreme

Survey Extreme : MAKE MONEY FROM HOME NOW : Survey Extreme Survey Extreme  is one of the most reliable paid survey sites on the internet We provide the most accurate and legitimate information to help you begin earning money by taking surveys online....

16 May, 2014

Join Points2cash and earn money via Points

Hello Friends,

Today i am gonna talk about a another trusted money earning opportunity by internet.

Now this time-its name is Points2shop

About : is one of the largest online free reward programs. It's easy: You can earn points by filling out surveys, completing offers, playing games or doing other tasks, and then redeem your earned points for ANY Amazon product and much more!

Company Overview: is one of the largest online free reward programs.

We reward you with points for doing things that you're already doing: taking surveys, playing fun games and much more!

Your earned points can be redeemed for any product at Amazon!

Trading Tutorial: Trading Psychology - 5 Steps Traders Undertake

A small insight into the minds of traders: Step One: Unconscious Incompetence Traders may have initial success, but very quickly they will find they really have no clue about what they are trying to do. This is expected, just as when you first take your...

08 April, 2014

Wordpress tutorial course for newbie in the cyber world

Hello friends,

Whenever we think about earning money online then the question arises in our mind that how to start it with full guide.There are various sources to learn all the things but all are segregated into different place.So how to begin the thing.

The first thought comes in our mind of Website and the platform usually comes in our mind Wordpress as most of the website owner are using it (i am using blogger because i just know about it that time and created 100+ posts then i know about wordpress)

But time doesn't come to you back,

 so the question how to learn wordpress.

You can simply download it at Here but how you will manage to earn money by it.

There is one simple funda that-


Here investment is not the purchasing any product for no reason but here you will get package of information in 1 bundle and make money online.

WordPress Tutorial Videos Course Click Here!

 Market Theme -- Turn Wordpress Into An Online Store Click Here!

28 March, 2014

Online survey paid job In India

Hello friends,

Today i wanna tell about some reputed companies of online survey in India who gives money for doing paid survey.These companies are well reputed and doing this work for long-long time.

If you also want to know about these companies ,so first register yourself on it and earn money instantly.

I have research on these companies and results are in favor of these companies, so don't waste your time and join them fast.

12 March, 2014

Why idea of website is important for non-cs (computer science) people

Hello Friends,

Today i want to discuss about above topic "Why idea of website is important for non-cs people"

As we all know,sometimes we have big ideas but don't have any source to take that  idea to large audience.In that case we think about a website, where we can show our service to whole world all the time.

But there is also a critical situation for all the people who don't know about anything about website designing languages HTML,CSS,JQUERY,PYTHON etc.They always underestimate themselves for not knowing such languages and think they can never develop online business.

But for those people, i just want to suggest that if you have a good idea,planning and team (optional) then you can hire a professional or website developer who will develop your site and after creation, he/she will just give all guide to create a successful website and rest of site business is yours.
So there is no need to learn all these scripting languages , so just focus on any business idea and build a website according to your mind's thought for that business.
As i have also little bit idea of the these languages but when you create a website by your own hands or by others, then experience will tell you every thing in future.

SO good luck 

Happy blogging.

08 January, 2014

Will be a new hit in cyber world

Hello friends,

Today i wanna talk about new google adsense alternative i.e which is now very busy in advertising its name on every google adsense approved website.

It is again having both advertisers and publishers which will serve ads for each other benefits and do the same function as Google adwords and Google adsense were doing.

But what it is providing different,that is the point.
According to WHY US page of website , they are providing almost same features as every one were providing but there is Remarketing  link where they have written:

Bring Your Lost Visitors Back to Convert! 

You've done the hardest part—getting visitors to thier site. But not all visitors convert on the first visit. Now what?

Their Remarketing technology tracks the visitors that have previously visited your site,and then serves your ad to them while they are browsing other sites within our network—covering 80% of the most trafficked sites on the web! Remarketing Benefits

  • Bring warm visitors back to your site to convert with daily brand exposure
  • Boost conversion by 300-400% with customized messaging
  • Reach more people with our multi-network reach
  • No set-up costs
  • Fully managed by a dedicated account representative
  • In-house design team available
  • Pay only for performance: our Cost Per Action (CPA) Remarketing eliminates the risk and only costs you when the user converts
  • CPC and CPM billing options also available.
These points can be very useful for some of the advertisers but we can just say that its a another rival of Google ad network and other also because it can provide a new hope in the minds of website owners for their profits/benefits.
So do join 

04 November, 2013

Earn money in Dollars by

Hello friends,
Today i wanna talk about another super earning website to earn money online.
This time it is This website is totally legimate site of the United states of America.

Some of the nice feature of cashcrate are:
1.Very easy to start.
2.Minimum payout is 20$.
3.Easy surveys and bonus offers.
4.Some of greatest offers at this site.
5.After getting more than $1 ,you will get paid for search also at their site.

18 October, 2013




Rummy is a group of matching card games notable for similar gameplay based on the matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which consists of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank, or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit. The original form of rummy is called Sai rummy or Basic rummy. The Mexican game of Conquian is considered by games scholar David Parlett to be ancestral to all rummy games, which itself is derived from a Chinese game called Khanhoo and, going even further back, Mahjong.



15 August, 2013

Get your suitable work job at Freelancer

This is a post about a site which provides various types of paid work in which if you have certain type of knowledge then you can earn a lot of money without any headache.
It is very important for every category of people,specially for students who have knowledge but not a way to earn money.
One of the best thing of this site is that it has a lot of jobs categories that you can easily find your suitable job.
Read more here

10 August, 2013

Go to indian jails and get training to get jobs

Today's matter is about quite impressive work by Indian Jails.In the indian jails,the jail provides certain types of jobs and training to the prisoners that after completing their punishment,they can easily find the jobs outside.
Jail management gives the work to the prisoners and they get money for it by which they can easily send it to their families.Recently , i have read a news that in a Jail of New Delhi,a separate fm radio channel will be established in which R.J will be the prisoners of the jail.For this purpose,approximately 35 prisoners will be trained for purpose of R.J training course by reputed radio channel's R.J's.This system encourages these prisoners/criminals to get a good job outside.
I also appriciate the decision of Indian Jail management but it also puts a negative impression on the illiterate people of india as they can judge this decision as- Do crimes get jobs.Because getting these type of jobs and training is hard to get outside So Jail management should not publicised these types of programmes very much because it appeals for crime in the society

27 July, 2013

Is ebiz a scam or true company ?


Today i want to give review about a private company pvt. Ltd.
Friends this company is totally true and registered by government of india.This company provides free e-learning computer education program for some courses.

if you have to know all these courses with set of CDs then you can purchase their product at the price of 9556 Rs/-.You have to submit this money as demand draft in favor of ebiz
After purchasing this product,you can join their commission share program also i which you have to bring many person as you can in their meeting.After that meeting ,senior ebizzors will play with your friends mind to join ebiz pvt. Ltd. If  two of your friend ready to join ebiz,then you will be eligible to earn money at ebiz.
It can be look like if u r A ,then first friend B will be on your left leg and second friend C will be on your right leg.
If another friend join your group then you can put that on your any of leg.After creating cycle of 3 person you will get check of 2700 Rs/-.For another three person via you or by your existing friends in the cycle,you will get check of 2700 Rs/-.
Its simple like marketing,you can check via Wikipedia.
Its difficult to bring people in such kind of programs because there are many sites which are providing free computer education with high quality tutorial without going anywhere for every week meeting of ebiz.
Ebiz is good but for only those who are rich (can waste money),totally free,little literate.

25 July, 2013

Why Google adsense is the best than other advertising network ?

Today I want to discuss about google adsense service provided by Google for website/blog owners.This service is provided to web publishers to monetize their web content and place ads according to the content and earn revenue by impression and clicks.
Google provides title related ads on the webpage which is quite helpful for the visitors because it sometimes provide a direct link and they do not require a google search.Google adsense's tracking system is also of very high quality and in most of cases,it will always remain up to date.
Friends,before applying for google adsense,i have applied for various money earning advertising,affiliate networks like amazon,linkshare,chitika,kontera,clicksor,clixsense, etc.But out of all these i have not get aggregate money in 6 months that google adsense provided me in just 2 clicks within 10 days.
In my opinion google adsense is the best service for web publisher on this globe that i have ever seen out of all these low price advertising network i have mentioned earlier.I can only show 3 ads per page but my satisfaction is 10/10.As i am new publisher of google adsense of my blog,i am really  satisfied with the helpful work of google adsense team.
Some of the reasons by which i am saying google adsense is the best are:
1.If you have relevant content,google adsense will approve your application and provide you full help for further work in your website/blog.
2.They will provide 4 emails regarding the best use of adsense which will help you in future.
3.They will provide relevant ads according to the content of the webpage.Thats why they are called adsense means ads with total sense.
4.The ads are totally friendly with your mobile site and showed with relevant ads.
5.They provide more revenue share (more than 50%) to the publishers,thats why i love them.
6.They are totally loyal to the publishers.
7.They provide you monetization for website/video/search/apps with single google adsense account,thats really reduce the confusion of having many accounts.
So these are qualities of google adsense that make them the best,reliable,efficient,publisher friendly.I am not fake talking about google adsense,you can also read other customer's experience.Google adsense is the best because they are doing the work for publishers and giving more revenue to the publishers.I am totally satisfied with google adsense that i can fill 20-30 pages by only writing "East or west ,Google Adsense is the best :) "

24 July, 2013

How to earn money through Qadabra for new bloggers

Today i want to introduce you people about a new online money earning platform for new bloggers and website owners.This online platform is Qadabra which is one of the easiest way to earn money.
I am suggesting it, because i am also using it my own blog.You can also see the ads on my webpage with Google adsense ads.
Qadabra is a straight forward, self-serve ad platform created for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic and earn revenue through performance-based advertising. It is a self-serve ad platform created for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic by earning revenue through performance-based advertising. They provide unbeatable quality ads for your blog/website that users usually click on that.
Some of the marvelous features that they have are:
Simple sophistication:
Qadabra's self-serve interface keeps it plain, simple and honest so that publishers can concentrate on performance.
No more waiting in order to go live. Tags are ready to be published and perform the second you create them.
Unbeatable rates(price):
Cutting-edge optimization algorithms automatically direct user traffic to the best-performing campaigns.
Customer Support system:
Qadabra’s experienced support team is there for you, adding a human dimension to automated performance.
It is also considered as a good alternative because:
1.It is easily to implement,you just create ad code at Qadabra and paste it your website/blog,then ads immediately start working without any delay like adsense.
2.Good quality ads,not like chitika,kontera ads.
3.The most wonderful it has that it can easily work with google adsense ads.So no type of worry.
4.Good alternative for new bloggers who are recently join the blogging on internet.
5.Their support system is also very nice,you will get your answers within 24 hours.It is not having long delay support system like adsense.
So Qadabra can be a good alternative for you if you have high traffic on your website.
Keep Blogging :)

23 July, 2013

Google adsense should increase Cost per click rate in India

Today i want to put my opinion on google adsense,the king of online web content advertising network.This is about cost per click rate of google adsense in India and other asian countries.

We know that Google adsense is the best advertising network on the globe at this time and many website owners of european and american countries are taking full advantage of Google adsense as their per click cost is nearly 1$-5$ average.But in asian countries like India this cost is quite lower 0.01$-1$,which is quite disapponting for country like India where 1/6 population of whole world is present.It is also a fact that India will be next most internet user country in the world.So Google should rethink about increasing cost per click of indian and other asian countries web publishers.
Because asian will be the next on this earth to more visible in the google search engines.