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27 July, 2015

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam- A teacher forever


On 27th July 2015, World has lost a great scientist, a wise person and a down to earth person. He was India's 11th President but he was the inspiration of many ones since his young days.

He was a teacher forever for everyone. 
Some of his quotes just changed the way of living a life. He was an great inspiration for all the other scientists, aeronautical engineers and the people who came from a very poor financial background.
He was such a nice and kind hearted person that words are not sufficient to describe that.
So I just want to tribute this post for that legendary person.

RIP Kalam Sir
We Miss You...
World Misses You..
Science will miss you..

Some of the Quotes of Dr. Kalam:

03 August, 2013

Why Indian Government is not caring of Biotechnology Sector as compare of other Engineering Stream

As a Student of Biotechnology,i would like to express my view about the worse condition of Biotechnology in India.I am doing my in Biotechnology in one of the prestigious college of India i.e., DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, but even after i feel worry about my future because whenever i search on Google " Biotechnology in India",everyone flatly says- It has no scope in India.
But I just want to ask why it has no scope in India as it has very much demand in the developed countries like USA,CHINA,GERMANY,CANADA and other Gulf countries etc.

The main reason is that of very less scope in India since Govt. is not putting up money in this sector for research and development. If you are extremely good and extraordinary then you may have a chance.That is why people join MBA after doing Biotechnology in India which has very less connection in terms of studies.
Note : There is no PSU for biotech graduates to join after graduation :( 
I just want to ask one question to our Indian Government that if you can't do anything to explore the job aspects of this emerging field then why did you introduce it in India ?
You should not only take care of machines engineering but you have to provide certain opportunities for the students who are dealing with living world engineering.If  leading countries in the world has better scope then you should also think about why are they one step ahead from us and why are they  supporting Biotechnology sector.In India , no one cares of Biotechnology but Indian Government should take certain initiative to do better for every graduate of Biotechnology in India as they can move forward to abroad countries where they have better future.
Although Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh also said students not to go abroad, but i just want to a ask him that if he has no plan or can't do anything to provide jobs for Biotechnology students then why they should not go to abroad ?