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10 February, 2015

Free Internet service in India by Mark Zuckerberg

On 10 February 2015, Facebook team launched a new website for providing free internet service in India.
Main Points :

  • Right now this service is only available in six indian states : 
    • Tamil Nadu
    • Mahararashtra
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Gujarat
    • Kerala
    • Telangana
  • Right now this service is only available in Reliance Network.
Mark Zuckerberg in Village Chandauli ( India)
Mark Zuckerberg in Village Chandauli ( India)
This announcement was released by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg where he emphasized the need of internet in the lives of people. In his personal update, he shared a photo of himself in village chandauli in october 2014 and describe the whole website motive.
Mark Said :

09 January, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg denies to remove content related about Mohammed

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a statement on Facebook that his team will not remove the content related to Mohammed. He also signals about the warning he got from an Pakistani extremist few years ago. He said that some people are trying to spread the threat in the World and want to keep people restricted. He also said that:

16 November, 2014

5 Reasons behind many likes on facebook images

Hello Friends,

We generally see many likes of your friend's picture on Facebook and we think what can be the reasons behind the likes.
So here are some reasons behind those likes:

14 August, 2014

How to earn money through Social networking websites

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another new way to earn money online through social networking websites like twitter,Facebook,YouTube,blog etc.

After hearing these, you will be thinking that how is it possible to make money by social networking platforms.

26 July, 2014

How to add Youtube videos to Facebook Fan page

Hello Friends,

Its time to introduce you about a new technique to embed your personal YouTube videos/others videos to your Facebook page.

10 July, 2014

Flickr is removing Facebook and Google sign in

Hello Friends,

In two weeks, Flickr will remove the option to sign in with a Facebook or Google account

01 July, 2014

Facebook Advertising

How to use Facebook Ads. Facebook Pages gives you the option to create paid promotions with paid ads. Facebook paid ads give you the ability to really target your ads to your specific potential clients. You can choose their country, language, gender,...

09 September, 2013

Why Facebook is winning the race against google in advertising

Hi friends,
This is very competitive view between two big companies Google & facebook.Both does the different functions,one is the most promising and popular search engine which is expending its business in many areas,other one is the most popular social networking site.

So why i just comparing these two big names ?

The Google versus Facebook advertising war is far from nearing the finish line, but the playing field has been significantly leveled in recent weeks. Facebook has grown mobile advertising over 76% in the last quarter, bringing in over $656 million. Google, on the other hand, had second-quarter results that fell shy of expectations, and they're watching their advertisement prices weaken each quarter.
Why Facebook is Gaining Ground ?
All the big guns have found adapting to a mobile world more than a little challenging, but Facebook has finally gained some ground, and that has made all the difference. New mobile formats like newsfeed ads, which provide marketing messages smack dab in the middle of a user's feed, have shown massive ROIs and success rates for advertisers.
Google Helps users for just showing these ads but people only see them and they don't click them.Google always tell to show most relevant ads with google adsense and google adwords but they hardly show these related ads on these pages.
On the other hand facebook shows sponsor pages for every user.As we also know all the world is present on facebook and when people see these sponsered pages they generally click them as a like and get the info about that advertisement.
Thats why advertisers are more happy to be a part of facebook advertising because it brings their money with total worth.
So google ,do some better than Facebook.

16 June, 2013

Facebook is just a virtual life for the people ,so use it with caution

Today we all know facebook and use it in our daily lives.We also know there is certain rules and regulation of age to join facebook but today a child less than age of 13 creates his facebook account to enjoy the stuff of this virtual social life.
The users of facebook are increasing day by day and its popularity is also increasing also.It was started by Mark zuckerberg to connect the world on the same platform.Firstly he had created a dating site in his schooling for which he was later expelled from his institution.But friends that was his talent to create such a wonderful website(facebook) for the world ,and now he is a billionaire.
But friends Mark created it for his survival in the world and he succeeded in this.Now he doesn't bother to think about its harmful effects for the society.He will only think about his profits and how to popularize facebook in the whole world .
Today we can see many criminal cases are going on with the help of this social networking site.Here young boys and girls interact with each other and sometimes fall in love with each other via facebook chat and messages.Some of the relationships get also succeeded in the real life but some cases are also their crime scenes are also there like rape,kidnapping,money demand,blackmailing,frauds etc.And there are many cases of hacking the facebook accounts and mostly girls are suffered from it where some of hackers hacks the account of girls and use their images for some adult sites with certain editing.
My motive is not to discourage you people for using facebook, i have also my fb account but friends use it with very caution because today hacking is not a  big thing and you may also take lessons from popular criminal shows like CSI,Crime petrol,Gumraah,shaitaan,saavdhaan india etc.

15 June, 2013

Facebook hash tag #

Friends, We use twitter which is world known micro-blogging site.In the twitter there is a presence of hash tag (#) which is very useful to find out specific kind of information,news regarding which is written with hash tag for example #website.

If you check this on twitter then you will see the latest updates,information of keyword website. By taking inspiration from twitter , now facebook is also started the hash tag service.Now people can use hash (#)tag also in their posts.But according to some geniuses it can be a part of business marketing of specific type of keyword on the facebook.It look like there can be presence of ads on these hash tags. But whatever it is ,it look like good for person like me.