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Gmail is not safe - google said

Friends, Today i have seen a report on News channel "Zee News" that gmail provided by Google is no longer safe. If you are sending an e-mail then google doesn't guarranty of your privacy.When you send your message to anyone via e-mail then it is read first by Google then it goes to the recepient.It totally attacks the privacy of the user and google totally admits that reading of the user's message is done by them from many years. Friends, this is the very critical issue with the privacy of the gmail user as our message can be of any type (personal,business related,bank,college related etc).As a user of gmail,i would like to do request to Google that please do not playwith the privacy of the user and do some immediate work.Because the google which always tries to create very hard rules for users is also doing serious crime.

How to access google account in gmail application with 2 step varification

Friends, Today i would like to tell you about how to access your google account in gmail application in android with having 2 step varification service. For activating this service you have to get application specific password and enter that password in the application rather than your usual google password. Here are the steps by which you can do the above procedure: 1.First of login to your  account. 2.Then on the top right hand corner ,there is a drop down tag,enter it and click to account 3.After that click on the "security"widget of your account 4.Then a page will be opened in which all the security stuff will be there 5.On below there will blue color marked words written as "application specific password" Click on it 6.Then you will be redirected to your login page to varify your password generating request 7.After that you have to write like"gmail on my android" on Name and click on generate password 8.After that a pa

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