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14 September, 2013

Read movie Review of New hot comic movie "Grand masti"

Hi friends,

Its time to give the review of new comic movie "Grand masti" starring by Ritesh,vivek and Aftaab.The movie is the sequel of 2004 "Masti".But the ladies in this movie are totally changed.In previous movie, Ajay Devgan was also present but in this movie,he is not present.The film is having quite bold and sexy topic just like "American Pie".The movie can be a big entertainer for fun loving and college students.
The movie is not directed to social class so keep i mind before going to see this movie.

ACTORS : Ritesh Deshmukh,Vivek Oberoi,Aftaab Shivdesani,Suresh Menon,Pradeep Rawat,Sonali Kulkarni,Manjari Fadnis,Karishma tanna,Kaynaat Arora,Broona Abdulla,Maryam Jakaariya.

PRODUCERS : Ashok Thaakariya,Indra Kumar

DIRECTOR : Indra Kumar.


DURATION : 134 minutes.

Story : The story is moving around three friends Amar (Ritesh),Meet (Vivek) & Prem (Aftaab) who are married to Mamta (Sonali),Tulsi (Manjari),Unnati (Karishma) consequently.After marriage, these three friends are still looking for more girls because their wives are not giving time to them due to family responsibilities.They have left their college six years ago and but still they feel those enjoyable days of college.Suddenly they got an invitation from college to attend an event and by which they climb in air with happiness.Firstly they plan to bring their wives to the event but they do not convince by them to go to the event due to some reasons.Now these guys decide to go that event and do some masti but their dreams break away when they face college's new  Chancellor Robert Padhera (Pradeep Rawat ) who is quite disciplined.The funny part is that on which day these guys left the college , at same day Robert came to College.Here they meet with Pandhera's wife and sisters who are "ROSE","MARY","MARLO".

OVERALL:Indra Kumar dare to make such a adult comic movie.If you are fan of adult movie like American pie then you should go to watch this funny movie.

Rating : 2 and 1/2 star.